Chocolate Overnight Oats

Overnight oats finally got me off cows’ milk and I feel so much better for that! The ingredients we use are…. oats, raisins, cacao*, various milled nuts and seeds, chia seeds and oat milk, all well mixed together and left overnight (if possible!). Aldi has a great (and […]

Vegan Chocolate Icecream

I have to confess I have (unintentionally) disappointed my mum calling this one ingredient icecream (It’s called iceCREAM for a reason dear😂). I first discovered it from a book by @deliciouslyella Basically you blitz frozen banana and keep going! You do need a food processor with the blade […]

Winter Fun Day

I love the thumbs up before they can thumbs up 💕. This is my littlest part way through our “Winter Fun Day”. Essentially “emotions were running high” post Christmas. Read into this what you will; I’m thinking we all know the drill so I won’t digress #carnage 🧐🙉🙈🙊😳🤯 […]

A squashed soup

Slow cookers!!!! Who knew?!?!?! I really was genuinely a bit miffed that my friends with slow cookers hadn’t told me about said slow cookers when I got mine!  Brilliant for sauces and soups as a vegetarian and other stuff too if you eat meat I am sure. Literally […]

Pamper Pots

After an emotional start to a half term (aren’t they all? 😳😬😭) I wanted to try and lighten the post school run mood…. The pink post-it hearts were stuck to their car seats and they were definitely interested. “It is food, but I don’t want you to eat […]