Sweet Potato Ice Cream – A Vegan Chocolate Treat!


Sweet Potato Icecream – is this really a thing?! Oh yessssssss!!!!  Can it really be classed as a vegan chocolate treat?! Double YES!!!!

Sweet Potato Icecream equals icecream with no guilt (and no limits 😋😉). It’s also a great talking point for a dinner party – people can’t believe it 😋😋😋😋😯

There are a couple of variations ahead… but they all start with vegan sweet potato chocolate ganache.

Making your vegan chocolate sweet potato ganache…

Follow this link to the ganache recipe – once you’ve made it a couple of times (and you will want to make it again and again if you make it once) you will probably be happy to freestyle.  It’s a very unfussy, forgiving recipe 😁

Broadly speaking you will be baking* as many sweet potatoes as you can fit in your oven (because they’re lovely).  Mixing in a sensible amount of coconut oil – not a lot but a bit, stirring in some cacao powder and date syrup and blitzing.  Before finally adding some oat milk and vanilla extract and blitzing some more.

My favourite way to make the ganache is with a big Pyrex jug and a hand blender.

*Btw the only way to bake sweet potatoes is sliced in half, face down in olive oil.  Ask my bro.

Once you’ve got your ganache freeze it as ice cubes.  If. You. Can. Stop. Yourself. Eating. It.

Sweet potato ganache in its ice cube tray
Sweet Potato Ganache ready for the freezer 😋

Recipe Ideas

And once you’ve got your frozen sweet potato chocolate ganache you’re off!  It only seems right to give a shout out to the Deliciously Ella website at this point whose banana icecream recipes got me into this whole vegan icecream thing.

So back to your ganache, feel free to freestyle and make your own discoveries – as long as you tell me about them!  Below follows what we did – both options were yummy!

1) Blitz with frozen banana – I opted for a 50/50 split – yummy, but you can taste the banana.  I also put in a splash of oatmilk.

This is all you need! 👌

N.B. You do need a super strong food processor to cope with the processing.

Sweet potato and banana icecream
I could eat all three.

Version 2 – I just blitzed the ganache in its own with a splash of oat milk.

Frozen sweet potato ganache - delicious just like this!
Frozen sweet potato ganache

Oh my goodness! Amazing!!! Especially with the tiniest sprinkle of cacao and topping of fresh blueberries.

Sweet Potato Icecream – chocolatey loveliness! Is there really veg in this?!!

So, the only question now is, how will you eat your sweet potato icecream?! 😋

How will you eat yours?

We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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