Paper Plate Craft Ideas

Introduction; Paper Plate Craft Ideas

One of the things that I bought to entertain the kids in the holidays was paper plates.  Paper plate craft ideas are now one of my new favourite things!

Cheap, interesting and don’t blow away if you’re crafting outside on a windy day. I got a massive stack from a supermarket for a couple of quid.

I finally re-started the ball rolling – the current favourite are paper plate compasses which made for a great treasure hunt today.  It’s super easy to do but a bit tricky to explain (I found anyway! 😬). Please ask anything that you want clarifying in the comments 😁

1) Paper Plate Craft Ideas; Orienteering for kids!

1) Decide on / work out North!

The back of our house makes for a good makeshift north direction (if you’re standing in our house). Not sure it is completely north tbh 🤞 but it’ll do.

It was raining today but if we play this outside I’ll use our back fence.

2) Label North on your plate and write on your north reference (for us – “back of the house”)

Before using the compass to orienteer, they need to turn the “back of the house” arrow on their paper plate compass, to point towards the back of the house 🏠.

They’ll need reminding to do this for each clue. Just like when you have to keep resetting North on a proper compass!

N.B. Pick a reference direction rather than a fixed smaller object so that their idea of direction can develop into being able to use a proper compass (one day!) and so that your clues work (you don’t want “north” to keep moving 😂🤷‍♀️🙈).

2) Write N, S, E and W around the outside of your paper plate compass.

I added in NE, SE, SW and NW too.

You can tell them how Naughty Elephants Squirt Water!

N.B. You could of course label with bearings instead (zero for north, 45 for NE, 90 for E, 135 for SE, 180 for S, 225 for SW, 270 for W and 315 for NW).

3) Write a series of clues (either as one list or as separate hide and find as you go clues).

I opted for one list of clues so that we didn’t mix up what clue was from where but you could number the clues and avoid this problem.

Either way it seems to work best if each clue leads to the next clue / piece of treasure. LINK TO SCHOOL – doing the hunt this way makes it link to work that they’ll do higher up school on bearings.

I hid some jewels for them to find along the way.

Subtlety putting cuddly toys / cushions around the place helped me find hiding places. Although if it’s past 7am in our house they’ll normally be enough stuff around to hide them 😳😤😜

I found five direction / step instructions to be enough but they want more next time!

4.) Decide on a finale

Be it some treasure, chocolate or a crafty activity to give you five minute’s peace!

Three more Paper Plate Craft ideas – photos on the way….

2) Flowers

All of my three love flowers and cutting flowers from paper plates is super easy so they can quickly get their creative juices flowing! They are also way more robust than flowers cut from paper.

3) Feelings

Their round shape makes them perfect for displaying their feelings as a face.

4) Finishing with the first of my paper plate craft ideas….

Countdown Clocks

You may have seen this on my Instagram a couple of months ago. Basically you turn a paper plate into a clock face and use it to count down to an exciting event.

We used a peg to keep track of how many days it was until a recent holiday – my middlest moved the peg with delight every day! And I didn’t keep getting asked how many sleeps! 👌😜

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