Bedtimes for Kids; Our Bed Box Hero!

Bedtimes for kids;  Introduction

Can bedtimes get you down?  They do me!  Whilst this is not a cure for all bedtimes with kids (after all there will always be a bit of crazy!) it is an activity that has given us some happy bedtimes, so I thought it worth a share.  If you have landed here looking for ideas for smoother, quicker and happier bedtimes for kids then you are in the right place!

Click here to start a trail of six calming, happy bedtime activities, unless you are already on the trail of course. Either way this is number six of six! But I plan to keep going, so why not follow my blog by email.   Link on homepage….just need to work out how to put the link here!


Bedtime box is so easy to plan ahead.  Basically its a place to put those stickers, colouring activities, fidget toys and/or bits of tat that never get used! Anything that could act as a good wind down basically. Simply pop it in the box.


What went in our box, along with some paper, stickers and pens

If you have time by all means decorate it a bit but kids love decorating things so it maybe best just to leave it for their first “Bedtime Box” night.

Bedtime for Kids – the Bed Box Plan!

Kid’s just don’t like the end of things.  The end of the day sucks.  They want more fun.  They want to hang out with you more.  Its lovely really.  Sort of.  This activity is about having a carrot to dangle.  So tell them that they have a bedtime box to enjoy if they get ready quick enough for bed….I really recommend doing “Dotty Duvets” a couple of times first so that they are well versed in what is expected re getting ready quickly.

Then enjoy! Its a lovely chance to wind down a bit. As with dotty duvets, I’ve billed it to the kids as a way of swapping nagging for fun times.


The Bedtime Box decorated by the little people!

What next?

In doing this trail, I have gone back and updated all of my bedtime related posts. Reading “Bedtime Bags” has reminded me of how things were and how much they’ve improved. Whilst life with kids is always going to be messy, mixing things up a bit and adding a little twist can make all the difference. Please feel free to link and comment with other bedtime with kids ideas below.

We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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