Toddler Songs; Six Songs that are more fun with a glove on.

Toddler Songs

Toddler songs help to develop language while making you and them feel better!  Honestly, you won’t look back. Your little one will be hooked 💖 Or you will be!

It was the spider gloves used at my littlest’s music class that started the craze in our house. She is forever putting a random glove on (we’ve not quite gotten a handle on what season it is yet!) and belting out Incy, Incy Wincy Spider.

I think Incy will forever be her favourite, but it has got me thinking about other songs that could bring similar joy and entertainment! And I’ve found a fair few close seconds!

Accessorise your gloves or leave them plain; your little ones will love singing with a glove on! In fact putting stickers on gloves doesn’t seem to sit well with my littlest to be honest.

Glove with duck stickers on.
No Mummy, take stickers off.

So here we have it, six toddler songs that are far more fun with your gloves on.  I’m afraid my singing would break the internet, so I’ve posted links to the best YouTube has to offer in case you want reminding of any lyrics!

Incy Wincy Spider – is this the best toddler song?!

Whether you go for a classical version or the jazzed up remix this is perhaps the BEST glove song and your glove is so easy to convert into a friendly, furry arachnid.

Traditional Incy

Jo Jingle’s do an amazing version of Incy Spider but I can only find it listed on their CD, no link to listen. There is also a pretty cool RnB version on YouTube! I’ve not linked it in case the animal masks freak out any little ones!

Five Little Ducks (went swimming one day)

Splash out here (no pun intended – big lie!). Let one hand be the baby ducks and your other hand be the mother duck. Don’t forget the sad face when none of the ducks came back, but but don’t hold it for too long as soon “all of the ducks came swimming back.” And you’re doing a bit of numeracy too! If you have older ones maybe check out some Number Line Fun Games here.

Five Little Ducks

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Another great number one, and if you have a green glove even better!

Jump on this link to the Five Little Speckled Frogs song!

Five Frogs sitting on a Well

“Froggy jump high, froggy jump low…” this song will really get your groove on – promise! Click here for some musical magic!

Twinkle Twinkle

Everyone’s favourite surely? Foil on the fingertips and you’re away! So many childhood memories tangled up in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ❤️

Sorry I couldn’t pick just one! Try this one if your little one likes Mr Tumble or this one if not!

Old MacDonald had a farm

Sticky labels to the rescue again if you want to accessories your glove. Very easy to draw on some smiley faces for the pig, cow, sheep, duck and dog.

Struggled to choose here….didn’t like a lot tbh so went surreal. I watched it all of the way through to check not too surreal and now I ❤️ it…. Photo below to help you decide if you want to click here.

If not 😂 CBeebies comes to the rescue with Ferne and Rory’s version here!

One last song….

Everyone loves a freebie right? Here’s a great one for a sock. Got any googly eyes going spare then by all means add them on!

There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden

There is always space for more toddler songs in our life so please comment below or come and tell me on instagram!


  1. I love this!! My toddler will love that!! Looking forward to doing it with him. We have loads of odd gloves all over the house we can use!!

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