Number line fun! Mathematical Imagery.

Maths Confidence

This is the first post of two about number line fun. Read on for chat about why some people are more confident at maths than others, or click here if you can’t wait to take a peek at some number line game ideas! But please come back!

Years ago, I watched this programme on why some people feel more confident in Maths than others. The upshot seemed to be imagery. If you can picture what is happening, you feel more confident and able to work stuff out. This really resonated with me, as my own Maths journey stalled for a few years when I stopped being able to picture what was happening.

After all Maths shouldn’t feel like a bank of knowledge or magical. Well it is magical, but there’s no trick. Sure there is terminology to remember, but there are so many routes to answers. It is more about having a set of tools and choosing your own adventure! It’s can be a very enjoyable scenic journey!

The programme suggested that those who are mathematically confident, have a strong image of a number line in their head. They explained how it might run upwards or from left to right; I suspect by adulthood it might be so well used that people forget it’s there!

And this is where I am at today. I want to help my three develop and strengthen their own images of a number line. Especially my biggest two who are in Foundation and Year 2 at school. Mine come home tired so I want this to feel like fun, and fun on their terms.

Meeting the number line…

I am planning on holding myself back. There is so much that could be covered…..but I am thinking I need to let them just explore and listen to their chats!

This number line will be down for a week or so – letting the boys masking tape out a football pitch on the laminate during the World Cup has taught me that you shouldn’t leave it down for too long!

PS I’ve deliberately extended our number line past zero so we can talk about negative numbers perhaps in a few days.

Play ideas…

If you decide that you want a few play ideas up your sleeve pop to my second post where I suggest some number line games.

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