Sweet Potato Welsh Cakes

Introduction; Sweet Potato Welsh Cakes

These Sweet Potato Welsh Cakes are super easy to make, mega moreish and contain no refined sugar. And they contain sweet potato (and quite a bit too!). So you really can have your cake and eat it! If you’re struggling to get back on track after all the Easter goodies, these easy to make Welsh cakes maybe just the thing you need!

These were baked with self raising flour, which gave them a lovely rise. Wondering about trying with plain flour or milled oats though…I’ll be in touch!

Before you get stuck into this recipe, you might want to take a look at my other refined sugar free bakes .

Extra Hints (for perfect Sweet Potato Welsh Cakes)

If you want to get going, directions and ingredients below. If you want a couple more hints first read on…

You could make these welsh cakes in one sitting but I have generally been making a sweet potato and coconut oil butter in advance. (Mainly because I never seem to have time to do anything in one go!). The sweet potato butter loves an overnight chill and it makes it all seem less effort.

Making the sweet potato and coconut butter in advance, also means less mess when you combine the coconut oil and sweet potato, as everything is dry. However as long as it’s not super hot I have managed to combine the sweet potato and coconut oil with the flour at the runny stage (and not noticed anything different about the bake).

Combining the coconut oil and sweet potato until smooth (easiest with a blending stick) is well worth the time, especially if your kids are suspicious of seeing bits in things! My two boys happily eat these (littlest suspicious, but the “two out of three ain’t bad rule” often applies here!). In fact I think that they have some sort of pact going on. I’m always on hand to help with left overs…

Anyways, here is the recipe and directions…..


230 grams Baked Sweet Potato

100 grams Coconut oil

110 grams Maple Syrup

45 grams Apple Purée (I use baby food!)

420 grams Self Raising Flour

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Raisins – I just added some at the dough stage but maybe easier before – I’ll let you choose!


1) Melt the coconut oil and combine with the sweet potato. If the potato is hot / warm it will melt with no need to heat on the hob! Combine for a smooth mixture – I use a jug and blending stick. Voila! You have sweet potato “butter”.

2) Cover the sweet potato butter and store in the fridge overnight.

3) Rub the sweet potato butter into the flour until you have breadcrumb consistency. Add raisins as desired or do what I always do and forget, and add them at the dough stage!

4) Add the maple syrup, vanilla extract and & apple purée and combine to make your dough.

5) Add in your raisins if you’ve not already!

5) Roll into little ping pong sized balls (mine weight around 20 grams) with your hands.

6) Flatten them down into round biscuit shape. Sometimes I have the time and energy to roll out the dough – if you do, aim for just over a cm thickness before getting out your shape cutter!

6) Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for around 15 minutes until just turning golden brown (Note – timings will depend on the size of your Welsh cakes).

Oh and they freeze at dough stage. This means that they make perfect quick, fresh bakes for packed lunches.



      1. I am not in baking mode at the moment but if I were I would give them a try. Do your littlies like pikelets? (maybe called Scotch pancakes?). Super easy and super fun for little ones to help make. And I remember modifying them in various ways over the years.

      2. They are very low sugar and low fat to start with. I have made them with besan (chickpea flour) and also with yogurt plus plain flour, and at one time with sultanas and peanuts. This recipe is a good one https://www.newworld.co.nz/recipes/gnzbb-muffins-and-scones/pikelets/ I am sure you could experiment with apple puree and even sweet potato. Buckwheat flour would probably be okay too. And the small amount of sugar could be reduced even further as I have seen recipes for savoury pikelets using only 2tsp of sugar.

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