Lego Challenges; relaxed, educational fun!

Introduction; Lego Challenges

If your children love lego, you can’t really go wrong with “Lego Challenges” Our boys love lego – they got really into Channel 4’s “Lego Masters” – I’ve literally just discovered a (unwatched) first series – whoop!  Lego play often helps my biggest two with the transition from home to school, especially on a rainy day. 

Giving them a focus when they’re winding down (read climbing the walls!) seems to really help hook them in and calm them down.  Sometimes.  Best add in briefly here too.

So here follows some rainy day, wind down ideas with your favourite bricks.

Lego Challenges!
This took a long time to clear up – keep scrolling for the bed sheet trick!

My Lego repertoire started with a bit of inspiration from Instagram. You can see my first Lego post here but please come back!

Lego River; the first of the Lego Challenges!

This was the most chilled of the Lego Challenges for us.  I do love a bit of stationary (🤷‍♀️) but you could just as easily make a river with a bit of foil or blue material. As much as I try and fight pigeon hole-ing I currently seem to have a budding engineer and author/creator, so I put out a range of activities.  Although they did both start with the bridge.

Lego Challenges - Lego River
A nice, chilled and non competitive activity!

Despite a brief spell of “you broke my bridge, so I’ll break yours” it was largely a happy activity, that gave me a bit of peace to set up dinner 😁👌

Lego Messages

This really appealed to my middlest who made a message for his Dad.  It was the only Lego Challenge that I forgot to take a picture of – he wrote “Best Dad” on a lego board.  Very cute so I must do it again and take its picture!

Anything that spreads a bit of love and appreciation is worth it in my book. 

I will definitely be encouraging more Lego messages; it also felt like a great way to sneak in a bit of spelling and build the link between home and school.

Lego Faces

My five year old middlest loved this activity too; so much so that he turned his face into a whole person!  Biggest went his own way and set up a car garage on a square board…which was fine too.

Keep scrolling for the face – it’s at the end of the article and currently I can’t figure out how to move it! 🤷‍♀️🤫🙄

By the way my boards are made by Strictly Briks.  They are stackable too, so you can use them to display Lego creations!

Lego Tower

This was probably their favourite of the five Lego Challenges.  And with just a couple of minutes spent setting up, mine too!  I cleared a space, put down some cushions and stuck some Post It’s of Encouragement for them to measure their towers against.  These Post It’s were a real hit!  I went for

  • What a brilliant start
  • No way!
  • That’s amazing
  • Can’t believe it!
  • Record Breaker 

Definitely going to try and use Post It’s of Encouragement again.

Encouraging Post It’s for Lego Challenges!
Post It’s of Encouragement!

I loved watching their different approaches.  The moons must have been aligned as there were no arguments, just lots of happy chatter 😃👌🎉🎉🎉

Lego Challenges - Lego Tower Strategy
Aiming for a wide base

P.S.  They really did love the Post It’s of Encouragement – especially “Record Breaker” at the top!

Lego Challenges - Lego Tower
Nearly there!

Lego Maze; the last of the Lego Challenges (for now!)

I didn’t have time to set this up in advance so did it with them.

Lego challenges - Lego Maze
Finding a way out!

It was such a lovely chilled time;  I want to play more and not just with Lego!  Click here if you’re interested in our slimey Wednesday!

The maze challenge involves a lot of maths, strategy and forward thinking.  They started with a simple maze then added to its complexity, as they got their heads around the task.

I feel as though I missed a trick not bringing a ball into play with the maze – they could have tried to tilt the base around to help it find its way through.  Next time!

Please excuse the shouty capitals that follow!  Can’t figure out how to change them either?!  Came on to add captions to images and am instead trashing my post 😂😂  Blogging feels like a steep learning curve today!

Anyway, I hope that there is  something that has made you think “oooh I’ll try that”.  I would also love to hear new ideas to try!  My Instagram account now has a #teamparentactivitybox hashtag (for anyone that wants to filter out some of my other nonsense 🤭😬🙄).   Alternatively please feel free to drop ideas and links to other ideas below 🙂
Speed up the tidying up
Lego Hack! Lego Bed Sheet


One last thing – I caught onto the whole bed sheet idea a few activities in (I always take a while to catch on!). It makes Lego life so much easier (play on a sheet and then you can just tip the bricks back into the box when you’re done). I can’t remember where I saw this hack but I am very grateful! Now, I keep an old sheet with the Lego now (in the hope of training them up!).


    1. Ah thank you! That’s it exactly – sometimes the boys are so bouncy after being good all day at school (I hope!) so handy to have something to settle them )which can sometimes snowball into good old fashioned Lego free play 🤞🤞) xx

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