Kindness Collection; Stop Siblings Fighting (fingers crossed!)

In a rush to stop siblings fighting?!  Keep scrolling for instructions and good luck! 🙂

Background; it all started with siblings fighting…

Obviously this is not a cure all, its just something quite quick to set up that has helped us and brought with it some calm….a sanity saver…

When energy levels are low, siblings fighting is often the result it seems.  I like to think this is a national problem not a local one!  House jobs start piling up as you turn referree and crankiness keeps rearing it’s head (mainly mine 😬).  This is when I try to remember to sneak extra kindness into the house.  That or Dairy Milk.  But I have to say that the kindness has the longest and best after effects.

I aim for something that is easy and quick to set up; something that will give me back more than I put in tbh!!! I also quite like stationary, so a bit of nice card always appeals 😂😂😂

Back to the hearts….there had been a birthday. I was shattered and couldn’t face the mountain of house jobs. However, I could face my new heart stamp…I wanted a happy house in the morning, as serene as possible start to the holidays….a chance to sneak in a few of the housey jobs that I really couldn’t face.

Kindness Stars brought an extra twinkle over the winter and will definitely be making a comeback soon. They brought the vibe that I was after, but I wanted an extra twist.

These kindness hearts offer something that leaves a bit of a trail; something to refer back to. So here is what I hope will be a fun, easy and very quick kindness activity for you and your little ones.

Instructions; Swap Siblings Fighting for Kind Hearts

  • You need a note for the children, explaining what to do. Our basic task was to do Kind Acts and then record / write about them on the hearts. (But they could write kind notes and comments instead or as well.)
  • Our explaining note was from the tooth fairy; obviously you can tinker away with the explanation/note and choice of mythical creature!  Mine were 5 and 6 at the time and completely bought into the whole tooth fairy thing.

  • It was lovely having some paper/card hearts to write on and collect. Did I mention that I have a new heart stamp? 😂 If you’re quick, I am still giving away some on Instagram 💗 EBay is a great source of crafty bits too!  Update – all gone but happy to make you some more!
  • Finally remember to leave the hearts with the note (somewhere obvious!) for them to find one morning.

  • Activities with kids don’t always work….but hopefully Lady Luck will be on your side and you will have some little people on Kindness Missions!
  • Look really hard for the tiniest bits of kindness.  The seeds of kindness if you will?!  And make a fuss of these little bits of kindness.  Sometimes I have to work hard at this bit.  How hard I have to work seems to depend on how overtired they are.  Try and believe that your kindness hunt can stop the siblings fighting and bring in some happiness – and I really hope the force will be with you!
  • If it really isn’t, take a step back and perhaps leave the hearts hanging around for a bit. It may start running itself or you can always sneak it away to try on another day. Kiddies are unpredictable little forces of nature sometimes.
  • If your children are older or you’ve done it a few times and the tooth fairy thing won’t work, collecting kindness hearts for a family treat (perhaps something you were going to do anyway!) might be a winner.

What next?!

If the wind does blow the right way and you have little people on Kindness Missions, you might want to follow up on this a bit.

I used these really cute envelopes (bought from eBay) to send the boys a thank you note from the tooth fairy. She delivered it one night with a few extra hearts – it was just lovely hearing them discover it one morning.

I LOVE hearing how people get on with my activities so please do leave a comment below or find me on Instagram. Especially if you have extra twists and ideas that worked for you and your little people 😁💗.


    1. Good idea! This is an Easter warm up trip but I think I might bring them over for the boys to give as gifts for the grown ups with nice messages on now you’ve suggested it 😄 thank you!

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