Refined Sugar Free Cake; Apple and Almond Muffins


Refined sugar free cake! With good stuff! As the boys are getting older, I’m conscious that there is more sugar creeping into their lives; birthday parties, birthday treats brought into school and indeed some treats from us. I really want to cut it down without them feeling that they’re missing out.

I want cakes for occasional lunchbox surprises which feel like a treat whilst offering some substance. Some good stuff! The recipe below bears lots of similarities to the Victoria Sandwich one I posted a couple of weeks ago but has less maple syrup, less ground almonds and one less egg!

Apple and Almond Muffin Close-up!
Apple and Almond Muffins, refined sugar free, dairy free too!

They really were very yummy and tasted just like proper cake!! Cake that gives you a warm glow, as your tinies (and you!) are getting some protein and fibre from fruits and nuts. Goodness like this simply isn’t present in your standard sponge. So this feels like a big win!

They were so good that I felt that I should push things a bit further, so for the brave there are some optional alternations at the end of this post! Choose your own adventure if you will. The alternative uses 50% more apple, almost 50% less maple syrup and is still passable as cake. But not quite as yummy……cheaper though…..and healthier. They also stuck to my cake wrappers way too much for my liking. Anyone know why??? To sum up they didn’t quite get top spot.*

Anyway, there’s the background, lets get down to the cake….

Apple and Almond Muffins - healthier cakes!
Refined Sugar and Dairy Free – perfect lunchbox treats

Apple and Almond Muffins; the refined sugar free cake recipe!

100 grams Coconut Oil (melted)

120 grams Apple Puree (I just use baby food!)

155 grams Maple syrup

75 grams Ground Almonds

4 eggs

225 grams Self Raising Flour

2 Teaspoons Baking Powder

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

2 Tablespoons Oat Milk

Look at these beauties! Can you believe that they are refined sugar free cakes?! Keep scrolling for the directions and these refined sugar free cakes could be yours?! (Sorry, I’m a bit over-excited about these cakes!)

Apple and Almond Muffins - artsy picture!!
Refined Sugar and Dairy Free Cake

Directions for Apple and Almond Muffins – refined sugar free cake!

  1. Blend all of your wet ingredients (except for the eggs and oat milk) with the ground almonds. I love using a blending stick and my big pyrex jug for this, as saves on washing up and is so quick! I am going to start a #stickandjug hashtag for similar recipes – please check it out on Instagram 🙂
  2. Let your eggs join the party and blend them in too.
  3. Combine with the self raising flour and baking powder; I continue with my jug and stick right through to the end, even though my jug is often near over-flowing!
  4. Finally blend in your oat milk; I do this last so that I can judge it a bit and add a dash more or less if necessary (but two tablespoons will be just fine!).
  5. Bake in a fan assisted oven at 180 degrees celsius for 15-20 minutes (check them at 15 minutes, and maybe turn them around at 10-12 minutes!).

Alternative Recipe; less Maple Syrup more Apple Puree!

Apple and Almond Muffins
Refined Sugar Free Cakes

If you managed to read the introduction before scrolling down to the CAKE (who knew refined sugar free cake could look and taste so good!), you may have seen that I have been dabbling in alternatives to this recipe. The first batch were SO yummy that I felt that I really should try and squeeze in a bit more good stuff!

So in the interests of trying to make these cakes as healthy as possible, without losing too much of the treat feeling, I tried the following swaps. The boys were very happy with their cakes (so they can’t have noticed much difference, although they didn’t seem to touch the sides tbh!). The original recipe is still a big favourite for me though!*

180 grams apple puree (instead of 120 grams)

80 grams of maple syrup (instead of 155 grams)

90 grams ground almonds (instead of 75 grams)

The rest of the recipe and directions are the same!

*UPDATE: These refined sugar free cakes matured really well with age! They are now a day old and I just had another one… didn’t stick to the wrapper and was lush, but without that sugar hit and claggy (is that a word?!) feeling. Healthier and still yummy, think I’m falling in love….

Apple and Almond Muffins - refined sugar free cake!
Even healthier!! And it’s still cake!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Refined Sugar Free Cake 🙂

I would love to hear how these work for you if you make them and please feel free to signpost recipes that you think I might like to try in the comments. Recipes for refined sugar free cakes and goodies, with good stuff added instead, will always be well received!

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One last picture….how will you eat yours? Plain or as a little mini Victoria Sandwich?!

Refined Sugar Free Apple and Almond Muffins
How will you eat yours? Apple and Almond Muffins

Obviously a healthy diet can’t be built on cake alone! Although sometimes I’m tempted to try! There are some more healthier snack choices and sugar swaps on this free nhs website.

Like this? Want to try and refined sugar free (and gorgeous!) sweet potato brownie? Assuming you don’t eat all the mixture at the sweet potato chocolate ganache stage!

Sweet Potato Brownie; warning you will want to make these again and again.


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