Borax Free Slime Recipe


Borax Free Slime Recipe!  Arguably more of slimey putty tbh! The slime connoisseurs among you (or among your children anyway!) may argue that this is not quite slimey enough! But it’s pretty close and it doesn’t require Borax and/or Boric Acid which has had quite a bit of bad press lately.

It was the boys’ first experience of making slime and they were delighted.

TOP TIP – a little bit of olive oil, added at the end of the recipe did a lot to increase its playability.

The whole slime thing came about quite by accident; I heard the words come out of my mouth before they had properly travelled around my head. Slime on a school night, what was I thinking?? Basically I was thinking that I need to break the FIFA ’09 habit which has been blossoming whilst myself, husband and littlest have been under the weather. The boys remained on form (great advert for the flu spray) and needed occupying.  Anyways…here is what we did….

Instructions; Borax Free Slime Recipe!

I found the recipe on; this was after a fair bit of searching and I was so pleased to stumble on it.  Of course I can’t find it now – there are LOADS of slime recipes on that website!  I’ll try and update with more a accurate link!

While searching I found so many recipes that claimed to be borax free, only to use contact lens cleaning fluid and put in brackets “make sure it contains borax”! 🤷‍♀️  I think a lot of cleaning products may contain borax and I didn’t fancy them either tbh.  This recipe just uses PVA glue, cornflour, water and food colouring.

Anyway, the instructions were easy peasey….

1) Combine 1/4 of a cup of white PVA glue with 1/2 of a cup of cornflour. Persevere with the stirring.

2) Part way through this process add food colouring.

3) Add more flour if too wet and more glue/food colouring if too dry.

4) Enjoy and remember to store in an airtight container.

5) We found a bit of olive oil improved its stretch and playability.

Borax Free Slime Recipe; How it went for us!

I won’t lie, at the outset I couldn’t be bothered 🙄 Hopefully I hid it well. We had only just got the house back after a bad run of things and I didn’t want to trash it. But like most things I was really pleased we’d done it (and after a lie down in a dark room 😂!).

Comments like “this is fascinating” and “this is soooo cool” made it worthwhile, never mind the contented calm that descended afterwards. I kept checking on them (in between scraping the borax free slime off things) as they were so quiet.  But they were just chilled. If you like contented calm, I can also recommend trying my “Message in a bottle” activity.

If I had been in any doubt, the happiness in their voices as they told OH when he got home, confirmed it had all been worth it.  In short, it was fun.

And they have not said the words FIFA ’09 once between pick up and bedtime 👌

But would I do it again? Probably not 😜. Only joking (sort of). I suspect it’s a bit like labour and I will soon forget the chaos and do it again (hopefully outside!). I must admit I am already having thoughts of trying it with clear clue and a bit more oil. There really is no helping me. Oooooh slime…

Save it for a day when you have your mojo would be my advice though. Today has been the sunniest day in ages and that put me in a good mood!

Please, please, please share any slime secrets or similar crafty activities below or come and find me on Instagram 😁

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