Developing a positive sense of self; “This is me”

Introduction; Developing a positive sense of self

Developing a positive sense of self is so important for children’s happiness and self esteem.

The boys have been doing some work on values at school and I want to tap into their evident enthusiasm (my biggest brought home his work AND about six other children’s discarded work, to save it from the bin as the values are “so important”).

Sometimes it feels like they are all wiped out by the time that they get home and that the school gets the best of them; I’m hoping that this activity will help combat this feeling.

I am also thinking that values link really well to their general idea of self.  So I added kindness, honesty and humour  (from @sastwins on Instagram) into the already extensive list from school, and set about writing “evidence” on post-it arrows.

Sense of Self Values
Sense of Self Values (Pinched from School and supplemented!)

Evidence for positive sense of self, “This is me” activity 

Just good stuff; kind acts, trying new things…. basically anything positive that they have said or done (I went for recent events, but that need not be the case).  It is lovely how much comes to mind when you stop and think; it was an activity worth doing just for me!  I didn’t try and link evidence directly to particular values; that seemed way too complicated!  Instead I displayed the values at the top of the door and put our faces below.


I recommend doing some preparation; how much you need to do will depend on the ages and stages of your children.  I need to be super prepared to make activities like this work, especially on a Friday after school!

This is how I would recommend setting it up

  1. Choose 10-12 values (you could do this as a family) and write them on separate pieces of paper
  2. Stick your chosen values high up wherever you plan to form the “This is Me” display
  3. Write some evidence on post-its. They loved the arrows but they aren’t essential
  4. Make some faces! (We did this as a separate activity earlier in the week, but you could draw quick ones yourself).
  5. Stick faces up
  6. Point some completed evidence arrows at the appropriate face
  7. Have blank arrows ready so that children can add to the display when you have explained what you’ve been doing

How it went; developing a positive sense of self

  • Once the boys had finished rolling around on the floor (Obvs.  It was Friday, but obvs most days tbh) they were up for filling in evidence arrows for their baby sister, myself and OH.  Some of their comments definitely gave me a warm, happy feeling ❤️. If you like the look of this activity maybe take a hop to my even quicker Little Stars activity or Happy Chatty Talking activity.

Positive Sense of Self Door Display!

  • They took pride and were happy with what had been written about them
  • This really is a quick activity and it made for a lovely happy start to the weekend.
  • It is an activity with legs – I hope that we will add to it over the next week or so and plan to update this post again.

Just before I go…

Since starting blogging and joining Instagram last October, I have been so inspired by so many people. I know it’s a cliche but I really wish that there were more hours in the day to try stuff!! Please do connect with me in the comments or on Instagram if there is something that you think I’d like to try;  I always post or link back to ideas that have been sparked or gifted by others.

PS I felt that I needed one more value – I wasn’t enjoying the gap in the bottom left! Suggestions so far have included “Empathy” and “Adventure”.  I ended up adding both of those in and would love to hear other ideas.


Want to read more about children’s self esteem? I found this article to be a good read 🙂

We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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