Victoria Sandwich; refined sugar and dairy free


A refined sugar free Victoria Sandwich has to be a good thing surely? I may already have told you that I think Mary Berry is fab; indeed you may have tried my sugar swapped Mary Berry biscuits. This fabness coupled with the boys’ current Victoria Sandwich obsession, has meant that Mary Berry’s “Baking Bible” has had a trip off the shelf!

I am really keen to swap out the refined cane sugar from things when I can (and also the butter for me). It is with all of this in mind that I set about having a bit of a tinker with Mary Berry’s Victoria Sandwich recipe.

In the end I swapped out 225 grams of caster sugar for 225 grams of maple syrup AND 225 grams of ground almonds. So the cake is still very much a treat and is also getting bigger!!! The almonds offer protein, fibre and I am assured ‘good fats’. The whole good/bad fat debate baffles me to be honest, but eating nuts seems like a good idea. Baking with ground almonds is a way for children to eat nuts. With nuts come calories, so if you’re counting calories at the moment, this may not be the recipe for you.

N.B. I have also replaced 225 grams of butter with 115 grams of coconut oil and 115 grams of apple puree. You can read two very different points of view here and here about coconut oil versus butter. I have used coconut oil because it is dairy free and adds some variety to our diet, as well as a nice, sweet flavour.

One last thing – I have also added an extra egg (to help stick together the bigger cake!) and 1/8 cup (approx 30ml) of oat milk to loosen the cake mix up a bit. Anyway, yackity yack, here is the recipe!!

Refined Sugar Free Victoria Sandwich
Contains almonds, apples, maple syrup and coconut oil

Refined Sugar Free Victoria Sandwich Recipe (dairy free also!)

115 grams apple puree (I use baby food!)

115 grams coconut oil

225 grams maple syrup (N.B. not the same number if measured in ml)

225 grams of ground almonds

1/8 cup / approx 30 ml oat milk

5 eggs (medium ones but I’d use whatever I have in!)

225 grams of self raising flour

2 level teaspoons of baking soda

Refined Sugar Free Victoria Sandwich Method (dairy free too!)

  • Melt the coconut oil and combine with all of the wet ingredients (put the eggs in last so that the hot coconut oil doesn’t cook them!).
  • Add in the almonds, self raising flour and baking powder and blend! I prefer to add the almonds first and blend before adding the other dry ingredients and blending again. For best results blend with a blending stick / food processor. I love my big pyrex jug and blending stick – they make my baking life so easy!
  • Bake in two 20cm tins at 160 degrees (in a fan assisted) pre-heated oven for 25 minutes.
  • N.B. I baked in three 6 inch / 15 cm sandwich tins for approx 20 mins at 160 degrees celsius (in a fan oven) but next time will use two tins as I would have liked bigger sponges!
  • TOP TIP! Check that a skewer comes out clean when you think that your cakes might be cooked! The cake should also feel springy.
  • TOP TIP! Spread the cake mix out with a spatula (the cake mix didn’t spread out in the same way that I would expect a butter/sugar based cake to spread, so it needs some help if it is to produce a level cake.)
  • ENJOY!!
Refined sugar and dairy free Victoria Sandwich
Contains almonds and apple!
So, I do like to make a treat a treat, so this cake will most definitely not feel like a poor runner up. Please take a look at what has gone out and what has gone in to replace it! There is some serious goodness hidden in this cake!
Victoria Sandwich Butter Swaps!
A look at what has gone in and out of the cake!
List of ins and outs for Victoria Sandwich

A look at the butter and sugar swaps
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  1. This looks seriously good. I am made a real hash of a recipe conversion the other day and all I was trying to do was subsitute oil for butter. It’s great to see all the extra fibre and protein you have added.

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