A Potato and getting lucky!

The Potato

A post written about 3/4 years ago when my boys were both babies 👶 👶❤️❤️

I wasn’t sure why everyone was smiling so much at Middlest as I pushed him around the supermarket. Obviously I think he is cute but people seemed instantly taken with him.

Having thrown a mac over an already brave outfit choice I wondered if I was getting sympathy smiles. I was really working the bedraggled look!

It was one of those “get out and get him to sleep before he meltdowns” rush exits. Although somehow I’d ended up in the supermarket with him still awake 😬🤦🏻‍♀️.

As it turned out I had forgotten that I had handed him a potato in the veg aisle. He was strangely fascinated by it and sat contentedly cuddling it.  It was like he had never come so close to a vegetable before 😂.

This newfound (and short-lived) potato love lasted for nearly the whole shopping trip. Unfortunately the potato ultimately came to a sad end, but I’ll gloss over that bit if that’s okay. Especially since the feeling he got from the lovely spud lasted until he fell asleep 😅.

Where are you going with this love?

Since having kids I have often thought about how different you and your life must look over the course of any given day. Young children swing so easily and readily from highs to lows. Sometimes my day seems to be in tatters moments after we’ve all been walking on sunshine and vice versa.

Today when I got lucky, I treated myself. I walked like a woman who had it all sorted, who knew when to hand her son a potato.  Someone who definitely didn’t pay him to get in the buggy ten minutes ago.  Hell no. And it certainly wasn’t me who only yesterday had a very similar looking child, climb out of a very similar looking buggy, covered in snot screaming “put my bogies back in” after I wiped his nose. I tried not to let on that I couldn’t believe my luck. Potato love? Who knew?! 🥔 💖 😂😂

So, today I got lucky.  And the next time I feel a bit crappy looking at a serene family scene (while mine shout “I want to bite all grownups”) I’ll try not to feel too jealous or inadequate.  Afterall, who knows what was happening ten minutes ago.

Still not sure where you’re going…moral of the story

So, what I’m trying to say is that we all have the lows and I hope that we all sometimes feel like we’ve found our potato*. Thankfully loads of people are very good at sharing when they are without their spud, which can be so comforting when you’re feeling alone or low. In many ways it feels like the world is opening up 💖💖💖.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love seeing pictures of people and their children with their potatoes! Sometimes the moments looking for the spud are best forgotten!!! And sometimes (thankfully!) easily forgotten – blessed are those who brains naturally and regularly focus on the positive, happy memories. Focusing on the positives is often the way forward.

I could talk about this all day but you’ve probably all gone now, so I may switch back to think talking in my head.

Enjoy your potato moments and be kind to yourself when it rolls out of reach in the beauty aisle, never to be seen again 😬🤦🏻‍♀️. And remember you’re not alone, some people only post potato pictures (and that’s fine too).

*I know this whole thing is a bit surreal but if it does feel like potato moments are too few and far between right now, reach out, talk and ask for help. It definitely takes a village and we are all so much stronger together! #teamparent


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