A Talking Activity for Children; “Today’s Post”

Beware you may find out more than you bargained for!

Today’s Post” is a talking activity for children, powered by the written word. What is it about writing stuff down that makes people take more notice?

It seeks out a bit more detail than the fortune teller chatty activity and who doesn’t like getting a letter or two?!

One of my earliest teaching memories is asking students to use the front (not back door) of the classroom, at the end of my lessons.  Days and weeks went by and they never seemed to listen. Then one day I wrote a note saying “Please use the other door” and stuck it to the back door.  Every single students obeyed the sign!

Maybe they thought somebody scary had written it. Or maybe writing things down simply carries a bit more welly. A bit of clarity perhaps.

Either way, “Today’s Post” activity has certainly generated a lot more chatter about their school days than normal.

N.B. If you’ve not got a postbox that really doesn’t matter!  If you’re feeling crafty you could make one out of cereal box, otherwise just grab a “post bag” or a hat!

Instructions for “Today’s Post” Activity

Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best.  Firstly I wrote down 8-10 questions on different coloured bits of paper.  Then the boys took turns choosing and answering first (they both answered all the questions).

Whilst getting ready I gushed to the boys excitedly about hearing about their days, and they seemed keen to tell us and try a new activity.

Open ended questions were by far the best with who, what, why and how questions were most popular.

So try and avoid questions that can be answered with a one word answer or simple yes/no.  I got some BRILLIANT ideas for questions from the mother.ly website linked here!

Get them talking! Sone sample questions from www.mother.ly for this talking activity are pictured above. Some of the questions were quirky and some straight forward; we all enjoyed the variety.

The boys definitely enjoyed the extra chatting and I loved hearing more about their days at school.  I literally heard all sorts of stuff!

To sum up

Written open ended questions and an obvious excitement about finding out about their day made this activity successful. So all you need to make it is paper, pens and something to deliver your mail in!

Fancy hanging around for a bit?

If you like this talking activity for children, I think you would LOVE the chatty fortune teller activity mentioned above which is another lovely activity for bedtime.

We have also had a lot of fun (and smoother bedtimes!) with dotty duvets and bedtime bags.

N.B. If your children are younger they might find the fortune teller chatty activity a bit fiddly so maybe try this first.

Time to say hello?

So whilst I always ask the boys about their day, I often find it tricky to really get them talking about school.   As a result I am always on the look out for more ideas; I would love to hear about anything that you do to get your children talking 😁.  If you try this activity it would be brilliant to hear how you got on below. Thanks for stopping by!

We would love to hear from you in the comments!