Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pastry. Vegan too!

Keep reading for a bit of background or keep scrolling for the recipe for this gluten free sweet potato pastry!  That is vegan too! The pastry is quite fragile especially if using a frozen batch. Skip to this dairy free sweet potato pastry if flour is not a problem and you want a more robust dough!!

Background; where the whole sweet potato thing began….

Just a little bit of background on where this whole sweet potato obsession has come from. I mean really, why on earth would you (I’m pretty sure that is what my mum thinks 😂❤️).

A few years ago we decided to give up “sugar” for the first time. To help us we decided that anything without refined cane sugar was fair game and I went hunting for food fixes! 😬😳😜 I made many a google search during this phase (read crisis) and tried many a recipe.  These sweet potato brownies evolved and soon became our healthy(ish) but at the same time “naughty” treat.

To me they taste like dairy, refined sugar sensations yet they contain neither!* I put this largely down to the humble sweet potato combined with some hot coconut oil and raw cacao.

Since then they’ve been a bit of an obsession; they have often kept us on the straight and narrow.

Sweet Potato and Coconut Butter

More recently I’ve made the sweet potato butter on its own…

Sweet potato butter
Sweet potato and coconut oil butter!

…..this is what 150 grams of baked sweet potato combined with 100 grams of melted coconut oil looks like 👀 (once chilled overnight).

I doubt this tastes great on its own so I’ve tried to use it in other recipes.

Recipes made with Sweet Potato Butter

So I’ve started to turn my attention to traditionally buttery treats, namely biscuits and pastry.

A quick aside for those of you wanting out of this whole sweet potato butter theme -  I've successfully swapped refined sugar out of Mary biscuits for ground almonds and maple syrup / apple sauce (I use baby food).  Click here for the refined sugar and sweet potato free recipe!  

Anyway, back to the sweet potato and more specifically sweet potato butter.  Cutting down on refined sugar and dairy always makes me a bit sad about missing out on Mary Berry (because she’s so lovely and her bakes are pure genius and amazing).

Basically I want to take Mary’s lovely cookbooks, smile and treats with me!  So it was inevitable that the sweet potato butter swapping started with her biscuits. Click here for the recipe!

If you’re still reading keep going you’re so nearly there!  Go put the kettle on and come back for the next tick on my list….pastry.

I tried making a sweet potato dairy free pastry first with seriously yummy results!  Go on take a look as long as you promise to come back. If you are happy and able to have flour in your pastry then you arguably don’t need to look any further as it is yummy and easier to work with compared to the oat version given below.

Someone asked about gluten free which got me thinking.  I love oats so I thought that  I would try making a Gluten Free* Sweet Potato Pastry.

*Obviously only suitable for those who can eat oats or gluten free oats.

Anyway, I’m always conscious that I eat quite a bit of gluten (I LOVE bread) so it seemed like a good idea to try AND I’M SO GLAD THAT I DID. So here we are…..coming next is the easy recipe for gluten free sweet potato pastry.  If you have followed the whole ramble, well done you!!!  I really should make you a badge or something.

I hope to have more sweet potato successes to report soon and I would love to hear about yours!

Ingredients for Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pastry (it is vegan too!)

500 grams of milled oats.

250 grams of sweet potato and coconut oil “butter” which I made in advance. It’s far easier to combine evenly throughout when solid. If you try baking with it when runny, obviously wait for it to cool a bit! (And please let me know how you get on.)

Water to combine and some olive oil to make it for malleable. Also oil rather than flour your rolling pin and table!

Directions for the sweet potato and coconut oil butter….

Combine (preferably with a hand blender) 150 grams of baked sweet potato and 100 grams of melted coconut oil. Warm sweet potato is easier to combine. The only way to bake sweet potato is to cut them lengthways and put them into the oven face down in olive oil (at around 175/180 degrees Celsius).!  At least this is what my brother tells me and it is yummy!  I chilled my butter overnight.

Directions for Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pastry

  1. First I mill the oats using a hand blender and a big glass jug (so that the oats can’t escape the milling!).   TOP TIP! Try and mill them with a dry blending stick so that the oats don’t get stuck and clog up your blending stick.
  2. Rub the sweet potato butter into the milled oats.
  3. Add water sparingly until you have a pastry dough! It felt like I needed more water than with the sweet potato dairy free pastry which is made with flour, but that could just have been my impatience!
  4. Use a bit of olive oil if it keeps falling apart – just a bit can really help it to stick together. Don’t flour your surface and rolling pin, dampen with olive oil instead!
  5. Bake in the oven according to recipe of whatever you’re making! I baked the jam tarts at 180 degrees Celsius for 15/20 minutes and the quiche at 180 degrees Celsius for around 30/35 minutes.

Things to consider!

1) The gluten free sweet potato pastry is more fragile than pastry made with flour, but it is also easier to repair. The boys got frustrated with it though, so maybe not a recipe to try with small children and a rolling pin, as it will just fall apart!

I rolled it flat and then pieced it together once in the tin by pressing with my fingers.

Once baked it holds together really nicely and the quiche and jam tarts were delicious.

gluten free sweet potato pastry
Gluten free jam tarts made with gluten free sweet potato pastry
Gluten free oat pastry
Gluten free sweet potato pastry quiche!
Gluten Free Quiche
Sweet Potato Gluten Free

2) The ingredients contained in this gluten free sweet potato pastry mean that it’s quite a sweet pastry. As a result it is probably more suited to sweet dishes (although us grown ups loved the quiche, so if you have a sweet tooth to satisfy then go for it! ).

N.B. On an aside, I did lots of talking to OH in front of the kids about enjoying it while we can as the boys will probably be nicking our quiche soon!  They currently won’t touch it (but I hope by mixing in some growth mindset talk they’ll get there soon). They loved the jam tarts!

I plan on buying some baking beads and blind baking some tart cases soon. With a view to filling them with sweet potato vegan chocolate ganache!  How cool would some gluten and refined sugar free, vegan chocolate tortes be?!!

If you’re looking for other yummy ideas for what to do with this gluten free sweet potato pastry then I really recommend a trip over to check out Claire’s blog here! Her food always makes me drool. You can also find her on Instagram @mumboyandcat.  The rest of my food blog posts to date can be found here.


    1. Thank you! If you make the pastry recommend using a bit of olive oil to make it more malleable. I was all out this morning and it was more fragile. Have got some more oil and am using the blog post as an excuse to make yet another pastry dish this afternoon! 😂x

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