Mary Berry Butter Swap Biscuits; a dairy and sugar free snack

Those of you that enjoyed Mary Berry Sugar Swapped Biscuit Recipe will be pleased to hear that the biscuits are back!* Look no further for a dairy and sugar free snack – it even contains a vegetable! That has to be a good thing surely?


I wanted to go for an exotic butter swap, so bided my time. A tray of baked sweet potatoes led the way as it so often does….(I may also have made some vegan chocolate ganache and dairy and refined sugar free sweet potato brownies. It really would have been rude not to.)

What we did to swap the Butter

Coconut oil and baked sweet potato took the place of the butter! (50% of each).

N.B. this mixture is best made with melted coconut oil and warm sweet potato. Recipes and photos are below, the sweet potato biscuit is the one sat next to the vegan chocolate ganache.

I also swapped out a bit of the maple syrup for apple sauce (apple baby food 🤫).  Cheaper and nobody noticed. So they are still sweet, they do still contain sugars but as they are refined sugar free snacks you don’t get that addictive, sugar rush!

With a bit of fruit spread my middlest loved them (jam but not called jam, as just fruit sugars). Me and my husband loved them too.  They’re no chocolate orange; but me and those five chocolate oranges I bought for “other” people at Christmas had no future.  The other two children are deeply suspicious at the moment 😂😂 I plan to keep plugging away as I want more sugar free snacks in all our lives, and a dairy and sugar free snack ALWAYS goes down well with me!

Sweet Potato Dairy Free biscuit with Vegan Chocolate Ganache
Yummy healthy sweet potato biscuit with vegan chocolate ganache!

Ingredients for Refined Sugar and Dairy free Mary Berry Biscuits! AKA Butter Swapped Biscuits!!

  • 90 grams baked sweet potato
  • 90 grams coconut oil
  • 125 grams maple syrup (I used half maple syrup and half apple baby food)
  • 125 grams ground almonds
  • 225 grams of plain flour (I used self raising flour with no problem though!)

Coming soon! Flour / oat swap!


When the baked potato is really umptiously soft and gooey, combine with the coconut oil until they are as one (iykwim).  Then add in the apple sauce/maple syrup. I use my hand blender for best results. Mix in the ground almonds and flour and bake at 160 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Keep an eye on them – although they didn’t catch as quickly without the butter. So there you have a it – a Mary Berry biscuit recipe without the sugar and butter (but with a lot of yum!).

Like these?? Click here for another dairy and sugar free snack in the form of my banana oaty bars. Or take a look at my pastry butter swap which makes lovely jam tarts! – I know I say it a lot but I would love to know what you think!

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