My Instagram Journey; managing my Instagram addiction!

A look at my Instagram Addiction and journey; ending with my new Instagram spending money.  Click here to find out what Insta’ spends are!!

The First Post

Ooooh this is fun.  Can’t believe I’m putting an actual photo of me on the internet (Erm…you’re not).  Really hope that nobody recognises me from my shadow.  (You’re such a plonker.)  There is no way tat I am going to be able to look anybody in the eye on the school run (you what?). Oooh 7 followers already.  That NEVER happens on WordPress.  Yay, I won’t be shouting into an empty room anymore.

Love it.  Post it.

My early Instagram Addiction!
Getting Addicted to Instagram; posting every funny I see!

So conversations happen with actual real people over messenger and you have normal conversations (Derrrrrr).  Sometimes people like my posts and I like their posts and it all happens so quickly.  You can chat in the comments and some people even seem to like my jokes.  Doubt it. Oh not that one so much.  I still love it though.  Instagram addiction?  Nah.

The First Break

Kidding myself no Instagram Addiction by taking a break!
Instagram break; no Instagram Addiction here!

A blog on a website no longer seems like a good idea.  On wordpress I feel like I’m at an interview and talk like I am.  *Yawns*.  On Instagram it’s like being back in the union bar but without the hangover (and with all the nonsense and fun).  

Best keep sticking my website on the bottom anyway; hopefully nobody will visit (🙈). Except for those poor physicists looking for some help on how to parent particles 😳😬.  Oh crikey its midnight.  Now, if I can just find a few more people in the same boat as me and a few more things to join in with….

Aside – at this point it was starting to dawn on me that maybe I was getting a bit addicted to Instagram….but I ignored these feelings for a bit longer as I was having way too much fun!

Finding my Rhythm

Get your kids to bed faster!
Activity for Kids – bedtime bag

So, if followers and likes can keep growing and I keep enjoying it then why stop?  Why even change?  There are so many ideas to be got from Instagram (and when are you going to do them??).  Stop being such a cow.  Sorry, talking to me not you.

Afterall my aim is to put together activity ideas, parenting rambles and recipes; that can be done on Instagram.,

Instagram is perfect for so many things – blogs that are following a timeline, networking, information gathering, socialising….people make a career out of it but you’d have to put yourself out there and you’re a bit…..erm…..socially awkward.

Plus you wanted to make a website. Currently Instagram means little time for anything else.  No time to try the ideas you find, come up with your own ideas, write blog posts.  Not even much time for sweet potatoes.  There is always time for sweet potatoes (Click here for pastry, brownies, biscuits or  chocolate ganache.  Not obsessed at all).  Not to mention talking to your husband 😬. And don’t think I’ve not noticed you hiding out in the loo with your phone. 🙉😳 Find a better balance.  Instagram Addiction.  There.  Said it.  Shut up.  Not you.

I’m a bit tired.

Elf on a shelf
Christmas crazy; Instagram break!

I’m a bit tired.  There are even less hours in the day than before. Maybe I do ave an Instagram addiciton.  Oh my goodness is that my usage? Yes.  I did try… I still love Instagram though. There are so many ideas and conversations to be had!  It has definitely made me enjoy blogging more and care less about being annoying and over-excitable.  Maybe you should give more thought to those last couple of points.  But I hate that I have gotten bothered about reach and some posts doing better than others. It has (at times) stopped being about all the fun and good stuff, and started to turn into some sort of addictive computer game.

Add into that the world has changed; did anybody else use to get that feeling when an episode of Eastenders finished of ‘I wish I could watch just a bit more’?  Well in this new world you can.  Perhaps not Eastenders, but with Instagram and so many other things, the fun simply doesn’t have to end.  Except it does.  You have to get better at finding your personal happy balance; your own end.  Instagram addiction is real.

So, I still want to socialise, learn, network and share stuff on Instagram but I’m going to be way more mindful about when and for how long.

If you missed it, here were my first planned Insta’ Spends!  The idea being that I am going to make sure that I leave myself time for all the other stuff that makes me (and my family) happy.  And maybe even a bit of time for sleep.  Well done.  Stop being annoying.  Can’t help it.

To be continued…

Reining in my Instagram Addiction.

There is no rush; enjoy the journey!
Slowing down; learning from my daughter

Well it started really well, I felt brighter and had a clearer head on other things for 2/3 days….when I did pop by (to spend some of my Insta’ money 🤭) it felt like more of a treat. Fresher.

The first thing that I missed was checking in on the comments made on my posts, as well as keeping up with my comments that I’d made elsewhere.  Basically the little chats felt more stilted.

By the end of the week I missed a few accounts that I normally keep up with.

After hurting my back I had a couple of extra sneaky peaks 😬 – to “take my mind off it”.  With an an ouchy back and a weekend at my mum’s, I fell off the Insta’ wagon good and proper. And I enjoyed it…😬🙈🙉

This week has been okay, I have had a couple of binges but I have also gotten caught up with other stuff.  But I can feel the cycle starting again as I’m feeling a bit “ugh” with it.  The staring at a screen, the scroll, the just “2 more minutes” promises to self. It feels a bit like eating five chocolate orange “gifts” in five days. I imagine. 🙄

Now; Managing my Instagram Addiction.  New Insta’ Spends!!!

So I’ve a rethink….while I’ve been thinking there have been no rules 💃🏼💃🏼.  What Instagram addiction?  But all good things must come to an end!  So, here is my new weekly Insta’ pocket money, which I am hoping will be easier to stick to….

  • 4/5 Insta’ Posts each with two 5 minute check-ins to look at post comments and reply to comments on other posts
  • A 10 min and 15 min play
  • 30 min play
  • One blow out 😬😬🙄😵 as much Insta’ as you want. Ends at 9.45pm. Must not interfere with family life but you can ignore the husband for an evening 🙈🙉😜. Only joking. Sort of.
  • Option of a story….

Starts tomorrow……..

ow to manage Instagram Addiction
Instagram Spending Money

I would love to hear if you relate to the whole Instagram addiction thing or if you think I’m a bit bonkers. Or both! Comment below or find me on Insta’! Xxx

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