Bedtime Fortune Teller; A Talking Activity for Children


This self esteem talking activity for children proved to be just what we needed to get them talking before lights out (and off to bed quicker!). 

My middlest had been a bit fascinated with paper folding (read I kept getting pelted with aeroplanes). 

I’d been wondering why they only want to tell me about their day when it’s way past their bedtime. 

These two things came together in the form of these retro talking “fortune tellers”.  At least I think that is what we used to call them in the 80s?!?

It is a more open ended talking activity than “Today’s Post” which you may have come from if you’re on the trail of my six favourite bedtime activities.

I like to think that it provides plenty of opportunity for them to really open up 💙❤️💙❤️

So here is the plan….

Firstly, tell them that you have made them something for bedtime (hopefully this will speed up the process of getting ready which often takes 20 hours). We have these brilliant timers which can help with this.

  1. They spell out the colour (with help) of their chosen letter/shape or simply count for numbers, moving the “fortune teller” each time.
  2. Do this as many times as you like! 
  3. Eventually they pick a colour and look inside to get a word to talk about.
  4. I have put anything that offers opportunity to open up emotionally under “blue”.  I didn’t want to explicitly say “worries” etc (I don’t want them to think that there is always something to worry about…even though I can normally find something!).
  5. Anything that is directly about singing their own praises and self esteem I have put under pink!
  6. More doing, hearing, talking and factual things went under yellow and green. 
  • Obviously there will be overlap but I found that the colour coding made it easier to make sure that they get a mix of words.
  • Self esteem activity for children Self esteem talking activity for children – bedtime fortune tellers!

    Self Esteem Talking Activity – the words I used

    Here are my words…(I made three “fortune tellers” because I didn’t want it to become about sharing 😳😤🤯

    I got them to swap them round though as each teller has different words.

    • Pink; proud, kind, friendly, thoughtful, gentle, determined
    • Blue; thoughts, feelings, surprise, story, my day, playtime
    • Green; did, saw, said, happened, watched, learnt
    • Yellow; friends, lunchtime, hometime, made, ate, drank

    If you want a reminder re making the fortune teller (or indeed if this craze escaped you!…), I have put some pictures below 🙂

    self esteem boosting talking activity Instructions for Fortune Tellers

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