Self Esteem Boosting Activity; Little Stars


I know I’m saying it myself but this really is a lovely self esteem boosting activity to do with your children.  It’s perhaps my favourite of them all. Because it’s so simple and easy and the after effects are just lovely ❤️💚💙💖

When I saw these post it style stars in Asda’s stationary department for 50p I knew that they’d come in handy for something!

Self Esteem Chidren's activity
Self esteem boosting activity for children; sample post it

I’m not at my most positive or bouncy with a twangy back and extra “exuberant” kids.  And yes this is “code” for something.

Furthermore time is in short supply after a weekend away.  Fortunately I decided that this probably means a self-esteem boosting activity will be even more beneficial.  And I’m so glad I did! I always feel a bit better just for writing the post its out. The spring it puts in my step on the school run is another added bonus.

To be honest, I often doubted that I could fill enough stars to warrant it (they often feel extra extra!).  But as with most things, once you get going, the ideas flow and positivity takes over. And positivity makes more positivity.

Check out my friend’s elephant foot mantra here if you’ve not heard it before!)

Self Esteem Boosting Activity; Little Stars Plan!

So here we have it, post its with lots of things for them to be proud of written on them.  I’ve missed out the uncontrollable pillow fights, dropping their tea on the floor (how?!!), the waking everyone up singing and of course the bickering.  To be honest I have quite a range of ‘alternative’ material! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙈🙄🤯 But I don’t want to give it anymore air time than I have to.  As they develop their idea of self, I want them to have all the lovely things that they do at the front of their minds and mine!

Sample of phrases used to boost self esteem
Self esteem boosting activity; little stars

Plusses for me – I’ve sat down (the house can wait / stay “lived in”) and I feel more positive.  I’d forgotten loads of this stuff until I went looking in my mind. I’m also hoping that they’ll get into their car seats quicker to read what’s been written….there’s no words for the school run at the moment 😤🤯.

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