An Educational wind down; Lego Fun!


These lego activities provide a perfect educational wind down.  Lego and Duplo are always out in our house, so I was very excited to see some cool ideas for lego play, on the lovely @fledglingflamingos Instagram page.

The boys were delighted (and a bit perplexed it has to be said….”so you’ve been building towers….alone” 😂) to come home to a “Lego Masters Challenge”.  Going off on a tangent… good a show is Lego Masters!?! Anyway back to our challenges….

Activity One; Copying Activity

Suitable Age 4+; An educational wind down!

Copying Lego Towers
3D Lego Patterns; an educaitonal wind down activity

Basically you need to build them a 3D pattern to copy and be sure to sort them out the correct bricks needed to copy it!  Or you could end up frantically digging in the lego box!  As @fledglingflamingos recommends, it is worth building two and knocking one down (to make sure that you give them all of the necessary bricks).

There was lots of talking, confirming and a couple of mistakes which is always a good sign – mistakes mean you’re learning after all!  As does ‘losing’ – check out my post here on helping your children to love losing (well sort of!).

I am definitely hoping to do more structured Lego in the near future (and know they’ll be doing a lot of free play!).  This was a great activity for settling them down after the school run and provided a nice level of challenge.

A fun lego activity for children
Lego Patterns – an educational wind down activity

Activity 2; Towers

Suitable for 18/24 months plus

Set up for some towers for them to copy!  With this age group this activity will form part of lots of free play.  Happily it also prompted lots of talking and language; next to, on top, big one, little one, yours, mine, tall, taller, to mention a few, as well as colours and numbers.

Duplo Copying Activity - educational fun
Lego Towers for toddlers
Duplo educational activity
Duplo copying activity for toddlers

This Towers activity was inspired by the lovely Helly at  Pop there for more ideas or to check out her fab blog and website 😁

Activity 3; Lego Boats

My middlest instigated this activity early one Sunday morning and I’m so glad he did!  He adored making the boats and seeing if they would float.  Furthermore, it has since proved to be a great way of getting the boys upstairs for a bath!

These activities has proved to be a great wind down and the fact that they are also an educational wind down is an added bonus!


  1. These look brilliant! I’m absolutely going to try this Lego Masters challenge with Ev once he’s a bit older xxx

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