If I just stand on my tippy toes…Developmental Leap Challenges!


Pure delight.  From opening a door.  Me less so.  But bless her little cotton socks she is so chuffed with herself right now.  However this milestone brings with it developmental leap challenges and my mind can’t help but wander! 

It really is lovely seeing them master new skills.  But whilst I share her joy, it can be very hard when they start mastering some new skills!  Developmental leaps will always bring with them some challenges!

This is a little post about silver linings and how looking for them (even if you don’t always find them in time!) can make you feel better when life feels extra tricky!

Developmental Leap Challenges; The Mindset

I think I was about two years into parenting when I decided to believe, that as one thing gets harder, something else will be getting easier; you just need that period of adjustment to work out what it is.  Aside – I really want a comma expert!  Feel free to comment below with where to put the commas in that last sentence!

Back to things getting easier…. For example your little one suddenly being on the move (yikes!) may mean that they tire themselves out and nod off quicker for naps….or of course it may not….but something will be getting easier.  Promise.

Developmental leap challenges are real but you will feel on top again soon – promise!

Maybe I’ve been lying to myself for the last five years; I am not sure I’ve always found what has gotten easier before they’ve moved on tbh 😬🙈 But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there 🤷‍♀️🤞.

Wrapping up already!

Anyway, a quick ramble but its certainly something that has helped me.  I’ve written this little ipost n the true spirit of sharing being caring and would seriously LOVE to link to your feel good parenting thoughts and posts.  Please comment below or find me on Instagram if you would like to say hello!  If you are one of life’s sharers, here is another post about sharing on social media. I would love to know what side of the fence you’re on 🙂

If you’re in the middle of developmental leap after developmental leap “The Wonder Weeks” book, app and website has saved my sanity a few times – you can check this out here.


  1. I expect that’s very true but, sometimes, we get so caught up in parenting that we don’t really notice what is getting easier. By the way, commas never get any easier. 😀

      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 If it helps “For centuries after its invention, punctuation was the province of the reader, not the writer. The average ancient Greek or Roman struggled through texts devoid of commas, periods, and even word spaces, punctuating as they went to help pick apart the words and their meaning.” from this most interesting article https://www.huffingtonpost.com/keith-houston-/post_5696_b_3976733.html Punctuation is a movable feast in my opinion. If the comma foils you, just pretend you are an Ancient Greek. 😀 Lack of punctuation didn’t stop the Greeks from being profoundly influential on most of our history to this very day.

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