Mary Berry Sugar Swapped Biscuits


Want a gorgeous biscuit hit without so much of the guilt?! You are in the right place! – look no further than these sugar swapped biscuits! We are currently trying to get back into the no refined sugar zone…..again. As I update this Easter has just hit. Hard. Mary Berry’s recipes are tooooo yummy not to take with us, so we did a bit of an experiment back in early December and swapped the refined sugar in one of her biscuit recipes for maple syrup and ground almonds.

Keep scrolling for the adapted recipe or keep reading to enjoy a short tale first…….to make it fair we made an original Mary Berry refined sugar and maple syrup dough….

With the two doughs side by side we could see that the maple syrup biscuit dough felt way too runny which is why we added in an equal quantity of ground almonds.  This meant that we ended up with more dough and some extra lovely biscuits!

Yes the last picture is of us covering both sets of biscuits with icing 🤦🏻‍♀️ It was the run up to Christmas 🎅 Promise to try harder now or you can tell my mum (who would be delighted as she thinks trying to cut out refined sugar is stupid).

Mary Berry Sugar Swapped Biscuits; The Recipe!

Anyway…recipe for the Refined Sugar Free Mary Berry Sugar Swapped Biscuits!


125 grams maple syrup (or use some apple baby food for part of this)

125 grams ground almonds

175 grams of melted butter

225 grams plain flour

Directions; Mary Berry Sugar Swapped Biscuits

Melt the butter, mix in the maple, mix in the ground almonds and flour.  Bake in a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees celsius for 15-20 minutes (140 degrees fan).  Watch them like a hawk, buttery biscuits burn fast!

If you like refined sugar free bakes, you’ll love my sweet potato brownies!

UPDATE!  These biscuits started a bit of a ball rolling.  Click here for a refined sugar free Victoria Sponge or here for AMAZING Refined Sugar Free Apple and Almond Muffins.


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