Mary Berry Sugar Swapped Biscuits

Sugar swap! Trying to get back into the no refined sugar zone. Mary Berry’s recipes are tooooo yummy not to take with us, so we did a bit of an experiment back in early December and swapped the refined sugar in one of her biscuit recipes for maple syrup. Keep scrolling for the adapted recipe or keep reading to enjoy a short tale first…….to make it fair we made a refined sugar and maple syrup dough….

With the two doughs side by side we could see that the maple syrup biscuit dough felt way too runny so we added in an equal quantity of ground almonds.  Meaning we ended up with more dough and some lovely biscuits!

Yes the last picture is of us covering both sets of biscuits with icing 🤦🏻‍♀️ It was the run up to Christmas 🎅 Promise to try harder now or you can tell my mum (who would be delighted as she thinks trying to cut out refined sugar is stupid).  We are trying harder now, the icing sugar bag is empty and we are working on reclaiming our tastebuds from the sugary Christmas treats….🤞

Fast forward a few weeks…we wish you a merry Christmas….happy new year!!!!…..etc….and the biscuits are back!

Up until now this weekend the swaps were all quite selfless (I need dairy free biscuits nowadays it seems….not that I always eat dairy free biscuits…life’s a journey afterall).  Anyway I had it in my head to also try to swap the butter out.  I wanted to go for something exotic so decided to bide my time…..This weekend I baked a tray of sweet potatoes to see where it would take it us….(knew one of the destinations would be vegan chocolate ganache and another dairy – and refined sugar! – free sweet potato brownies)…..Anyway we ended up making the same biscuits swapping the butter with coconut oil and baked sweet potato (50% of each). N.B. Easiest to make if the oil is melted and the sweet potato warm.

My fussiest loved them with a bit of fruit spread (jam but not called jam as just fruit sugars) and they are a hit with me and husband.  They’re no chocolate orange but me and those five chocolate oranges I bought for “other” people had no future.  The other two children are deeply suspicious 😂😂

Recipes and photos are below, the sweet potato biscuit is the one sat next to the sweet potato ganache 😋

Also swapped out a bit of the maple syrup this time for apple sauce (apple baby food 🤫).  Cheaper and nobody noticed.

Just need to swap the flour out for oats and I’ll hopefully have a dough worthy of batch making for the freezer.

Refined Sugar free

125 grams maple syrup (or use some apple baby food for part of this)

125 grams ground almonds

175 grams of melted butter

225 grams plain flour

Melt the butter, mix in the maple, mix in the ground almonds and flour.  Bake in a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees celsius for 15-20 minutes (140 degrees fan).  Watch them like a hawk, buttery biscuits burn fast!

Refined Sugar and Dairy free

90 grams baked sweet potato

90 grams coconut oil

125 grams maple syrup (I used half maple syrup and half apple baby food)

125 grams ground almonds

225 grams of plain flour (I only had self raising and it was fine, they just had a bit of a rise to them)

Make sure the baked potato is really umptious soft and gooey and combine with the maple syrup / apple sauce until they are as one (iykwim).  Mix in the ground almonds and flour and bake as above*.

*I found 160 degrees in a fan to be fine as they didn’t catch as quikcly without the butter.

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