Sharing on Social Media. To Share or not to Share?

I’ve been thinking about all the amazing parenty things that we all do every day.  Often without even thinking about them!  Definitely without praising ourselves enough.  Since joining Instagram I have loved finding out about some of these amazing parenty things.

Sharing really is caring

After all sharing doesn’t mean that you think you’re ace-ing it; but it does mean that you care.  That you’re a team player.  (Sharing sometimes makes me feel shy so I need to repeat this sometimes!)  I have to remind myself that it means that you’re trying, not showing off.

And if you share when it doesn’t work or when it is particularly tough (Which will happen in parenting. A lot.) then thank you oh so much!!  I think the @unmumsymum bravely started the ball rolling.  Sometimes I manage to do this; sometimes I just want to forget whatever has happened tbh!

To everyone who manages it on a regular basis, thanks so much for those shares.   Posts that make me realise that I am not alone, in an otherwise perfect world, make me chortle SO much.   Chortle? (🤷‍♀️)

In it together #teamparent

As we are all in the thick of a very steep learning curve; we don’t have to work so hard to avoid the rose tint and that’s a useful thing!  We can share, we can empathise, we can get through this.  And way more than this; we can enjoy 🤞. Sometimes.

As a teacher I often feel that I teach the stuff that I find harder better; mainly because I relate better.  Which is why I think that sharing parenting ideas and struggles is such a good thing.

Am I even making sense anymore??!  Sorry, work always gets me like this nowadays.  It’s the peaceful car journey home with no kid squabbles in the back! 😂

Please pop over to Instagram to give me a wave!! I am starting to put together some #teamparenthacks and #teamparentactivities and it would be BRILLIANT if you joined in! 🙂

I’m loving the real life, laughs, parenting struggles and ideas on my Insta’ feed and hope everyone is having a good day.  Instagram is so much more than I thought it’d be ❤️❤️❤️ The picture is a random holiday snap! Well done if you’ve read this to the end 🥇🏆 X

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