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To Share or not to Share?

I’ve been thinking about all the amazing parenty things we all do every day without even thinking and about how I love finding out about these amazing parenty things.

About how sharing doesn’t mean that you think you’re ace-ing it but that it does mean that you care. (Sharing sometimes makes me feel shy so I need to repeat this sometimes!). I have to remind myself that it means that you’re trying, that you think and that you want to do your very best. And that you’re good at laughing – at situations and yourself!

Afterall if you’re in the thick of the steep learning curve that is parenting, you don’t have to work so hard to avoid the rose tint and that’s a useful thing!

Random work thoughts about how I often feel I teach the stuff I find harder better led me to thinking about blogging and how useful the sharing of struggles and ideas is.

Am I even making sense anymore??! Sorry, work always gets me like this nowadays. It’s the peaceful car journey home with no kid squabbles in the back! 😂

Anyway I’m loving the real life, laughs, parenting struggles and ideas on my feed and hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. Instagram is so much more than I thought it’d be ❤️❤️❤️ The picture is a random holiday snap! Well done if you’ve read this to the end 🥇🏆 X

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