Your little crackers

This started as a Christmas Insta post but I have bought up a few cheap crackers and hope to have a few cracking Fridays…

The plan is that they make for an easier bedtime (whilst boosting self esteem). In theory the idea that they have a cracker to pull means that they are super excited to be going to bed so they get ready and get upstairs really quickly….then after cracker crazy they calm down and go all sentimental when they read / have read to them lots of lovely things about themselves….

I’ve tried to stick to attributes rather than goals so they don’t feel under pressure to recreate successes in the future or indeed always “succeed”. Whatever it means to always succeed….

Health and Safety Message #iammymothersdaughter) – there is no need to open the crackers, remember that they do contain some dynamite 😱, you can roll up and poke messages through one of the ends / slide them into the overlap in the middle. I recommend using cheap crackers as they’re easy to get into and obviously cheaper!

Also our crackers are labelled as not being suitable for under threes.

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