Winter Fun Day

I love the thumbs up before they can thumbs up 💕. This is my littlest part way through our “Winter Fun Day”.

Essentially “emotions were running high” post Christmas. Read into this what you will; I’m thinking we all know the drill so I won’t digress #carnage 🧐🙉🙈🙊😳🤯

With the last of the relatives having headed home the boys were flat (but not in a quiet adult way, more in a wanting to bite each other way) and I needed a plan… the absence of any more chocolate log, “Winter Fun Day” it was. I so remember the feeling of being a kid at the end of Christmas and really felt for my middlest when he said that “he was so sad that Christmas had passed”.

I want to help them to look forward and to give them a sense of joy in the outdoors and failing that activities. So the outdoor coats were packed and a picnic was put together.

It helped us to get over Christmas ending but need not be a post Christmas thing although I do plan to make it an annual late December tradition. A wind down, a special family time that we can all look forward to ❤️❤️❤️

* They generally bought into the “Winter Fun Day” thing (once I stopped singing my winter fun day jingle) and we pretty much got away with the tree disappearing….one highlight was definitely a lovely quiet hour sat in the car, playing on insta, while the boys played golf and the littlest napped 🤫🙈 Then the party was over and it was off for snooker! It wasn’t quite as wholesome and outdoorsy as I was hoping for tbh, but we managed to fit a park into the morning and everyone’s mood seems to have lifted….

Seen a bit on Insta about bringing the joy in January – I’m on the prowl for more ideas to pinch 😀Especially cheap outdoors ones!

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