The Sock Game

I love the sharing that goes on over Instagram. Things are definitely more infectious when you’re seeing them in real life.

I saw this fun looking game on the story board of @me_you_plus_two and am ever so grateful as it helped restore some post Christmas normality in our house. It was simple, engaging and turned overtired and sad that Christmas was over kids, back to my normal plain old overtired ones 😂

The idea is that you put little items in a sock and select at random one to find. We did written names on paper but I think you might be able to buy the game with a spinner…..

It turned into the good old tray memory game from my youth and helped us all relax into an afternoon at home, after a busy morning and lunch spent out and about.

Sometimes something random, cheap and easy is all you need. It may have started with me saying “we ARE having fun” and “shall I just ring the school and see if you can go back early?” 🙄😬 but it ended with us all feeling strangely back to normal and more chilled. And later that night we ended the day with a mini football kick around in the lounge; something we’ve not done for ages and had forgotten about in the Christmas crazy.

Christmas we still miss you a bit but are ready and willing for January joy.

Keep scrolling for a couple of pictures if you want any ideas for random objects or enjoy cute phonetic spellings!

It’s normally the kids that somehow manage to take one object from every toy / game and shake them all up 🙋‍♀️😜🙄

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