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Chocolate Overnight Oats

Overnight oats finally got me off cows’ milk and I feel so much better for that!

The ingredients we use are….

oats, raisins, cacao*, various milled nuts and seeds, chia seeds and oat milk, all well mixed together and left overnight (if possible!). Aldi has a great (and cheap!) range of milled ingredients. If we are feeling posh we put some frozen berries on top. And if we are feeling really really posh we remember to defrost them 🤦🏻‍♀️

We sometimes make in the morning but they’re nicer soaked.

I recommend going for a consistency that you fancy eating and remember you can always add more oat milk in the morning to “loosen them up”. Lovely, lovely, lovely and often pinched off us by our 21 month old daughter. Mix especially well if you use chia as that can turn into egg like blobs otherwise. And remember you don’t need much chia as it absorbs 30 times it’s weight in water (if not 30 times it’s more, must google….and write a disclaimer….).

We often make enough for two days – they improve with age! 😋😋

Mashed banana also works well as an ingredient but I tend to eat within a day if banana is on the ingredient list.

Berries on the top add that hint of luxury – Sainsbury’s has a fab selection of frozen fruit.  Their dark cherries are like sweets!

We love the chocolate one so much but as soon as peaches are back ripe and ready, I will mix in my peach and cinnamon favourite….may actually go looking for some frozen peaches now I’ve said that…..

*more expensive than cocoa powder but it goes further and is less processed and refined sugar free.

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