You’re really, really trying

When your kids are winning (and not in a good way) a reward chart can help to restore the balance. When the kids are winning about 10-1, gift yourself a wry smile with the reward chart title.

They were really really trying for sure at times in the run up to Christmas. With a choice of so many behaviours to work on I decided on eating – Christmas dinners are my favourite sort of dinners and I wanted them to join in.

I wanted to be careful about rewarding eating, after all it should hopefully be one of life’s pleasures.  However kids can be funny creatures (imagine needing a star to scoff roast potatoes 😂😂😂) and trying ‘new’ food is obviously a big deal.  A big deal in our house anyway. So with this in mind the reward was for trying something new.

I served the more challenging of the tries as part of a weekend lunch – none of us was strong enough for sprouts after the school run 😂😜

Obviously these pictures and the update below were taken around Christmas time but I plan on keeping up the new food theme and bringing the chart out again when we are settled back into school.

All kids are different obviously but here are a couple of things I have found help…

  • they seem to be more receptive at lunch time
  • they are also more receptive if I call it a starter or a snack

UPDATE:  They actually ate a whole sprout.  Each.  But haven’t since!  Baby steps and all that.

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