Dear Fellow Mum

Dear Fellow Music Mum

I’m sorry I upset you when I put my hand out to steady my little girl when your boy was coming in with a hug.  She was just getting a bit tired, wobbly and nap ready (and hadn’t spotted him!).

I have noticed how busy you’ve got it with two bouncy boys.  I’ve been there – one under the table, one teetering on the chair – decisions of who to save first.  I’ve felt your stress at keeping up with them (understandable) but also from worrying about how it all looks.

I just wanted to tell you that it all looks just great.  It looks like two normal little boys doing normal things with their loving mum.

And if you’re not worrying about what any other mums are thinking then brilliant!  I’m only writing this letter because I used to.

At the start of my two under two journey I wish I’d been more aware that essentially people just want to support.  Especially people at toddler classes and playgroups.  That’s not to say people don’t think*……Mums can’t help thinking about what they’d do and looking for solutions; that’s what makes us good mums.  But try and happily tap into that support, because there’s probably a lot of mums in that room that have got your and your boys’ backs! (And that might need the help back one day or have accepted it in the past.)

I hope I made you feel better at the end when I said that your two boys remind me of mine (maybe not if you’ve seen me out with them 😂😂). I’ll make sure I do a big smile at you next week and hope for one back 😁😬🤞We’ve got this!

*sometimes I am just thinking that I am a bit out of time with my maraca  and wondering when I’ll get to sleep again – so maybe nudge me if you need me!

*a lot will have a boggling mind as to how you do it with two tinies!  My mind often boggles at how my mum brought 4 of us up alone (and so well too 😜). Mums (and Dads) have lots of super powers ❤️❤️

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