Forgiving Food

A squashed soup

Slow cookers!!!! Who knew?!?!?! I really was genuinely a bit miffed that my friends with slow cookers hadn’t told me about said slow cookers when I got mine!  Brilliant for sauces and soups as a vegetarian and other stuff too if you eat meat I am sure.

Literally just get loads of lovely vegetables – carrots and onions make it super sweet which has been a winner with my kids (annoyingly not every time I make it!) – and put them in the slow cooker with some vegetable stock and coconut milk.  Then after 3-4 hours on high blend with a hand blender.

I like to oven roast any big vegetables (e.g. squash) as its easier to scoop then peel and chop and also because it adds a bit of depth and umpiousness.  I just love a winter warmer soup.

I added oatly vegan creme fraiche today and sprinkled on some cayenne pepper – getting myself back on the straight and narrow after LOTS of Christmas treats!

The squash are so gooey, sticky and yummy after roasting in the oven – it s worth it! 🙂

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