Pamper Pots


After an emotional Monday I wanted to try and lighten the post school run mood….

The pink post-it hearts were stuck to their car seats and they were definitely interested.  “It is food, but I don’t want you to eat it….” I told them as a clue.  After a few guesses they settled into shouting “Don’t tell me” and “Tell me now” for the duration of the journey home (felt like three hours).

After convincing them not to eat it (by grabbing a couple of bigger chunks) they did lie down (briefly) and place the cucumber on their eyes.  They definitely seemed to (briefly) enjoy the novelty.  I think the distraction and novelty helped ease the transfer from home to school and it was a good chance to talk about being kind to yourself, relaxation and self care.

Undoubtedly a million times happier a house in comparison to yesterday, which will forever be remembered as “Meltdown Monday” (until the next time…).

On the case for finding more happy hacks to help ease the transition from school to home, which is only going to get more emotional as Christmas approaches!  Would love it if you had any ideas to share below or indeed feedback if you try this one 🙂

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