Kindness Stars

The boys are tired. The baby is tired. We are all really tired. More kindness and patience are needed for sure; but I’m afraid supplies are running low…

Pebbles in a jar, marbles in a tin, there are many of the same but different activities out there. Everyone loves a star though and they are so Christmassy, so we’ve gone with stars from a craft seller on eBay.

One of the best bits of advice I’ve ever read was to pick your battles with kids; to think about one thing at a time to target for change.* I found this so hard at the time of reading – with a three year old and 18 month old where do you start?! 😂😜🤫

At this point in time it feels like our house needs a big shout out to the importance of kindness and all of its benefits. And if you’re going to put your decorations up early, it seems like a good Christmassy theme to go with.

Some of the kindness has been natural and some hilariously contrived, but the feelings that have come out of it have been real. It has felt like learning. Like development. And watching the boys count “their kindness” and proudly show their Dad how kind they’ve been, has been just lovely.

Don’t get me wrong, they still roll around and play fight, act out and the rest of it….they’re still kids. One thing that concerns me about putting together this “activity box” is that I paint an overly rosey picture of life, that doesn’t make people feel rosey. It’s my hope that it comes across that these activities are in the context of chaos, bickering and exhaustion (and that’s just the parents!). These things are part of family life. Kids have a steep learning curve to climb; it’s bound to get messy!

Essentially I am a big believer that focussing on the positives makes more positives. I try not to give the negatives too much air time…unless they’re funny of course!

Anyway I’ve always loved the activity based side of teaching and how happier, calmer and more productive environments can be made by sweeping children along with activities/silliness/distraction. And how learning and development, especially in younger children, happens most of the time without the learners even realising it. Which is why your child might say they’ve done nothing at school! 😂😂

I would love it if an activity that you read about here, inspires directly or indirectly some fun, happiness or peace in your house.

Or indeed if you have any ideas for me. Love a freebie idea me and I always linky linky! I’m always on the lookout 👀 so please comment below or find me on Instagram or Facebook @particleparenting if you want to idea share.

And please spend the stars below on yourself xxx

*”Divas and Dictators” by Charlie Taylor.

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