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Feet up time – jobs for the kids!

My tongue is firmly stuck to the side of my mouth as I type “feet up time” and I admit it’s a long game but…’s training for the future, an activity for a cold, wet after school time slot and there is a lot of self esteem to be got from doing a job that makes you feel (even more) useful and valued.

The post-its (or payslips as we’ve dubbed them) have proven to be a good way of keeping track whilst giving them some reassurance re payment when there are no readies in the house!

A bit of time prepping the jobs has made for life easier, especially with sorting the pens.

It’s a tiring point in the term nowand cajoling has been necessary! – showing them how the payslips work (and can be swapped for 50p!) has definitely helped.  I also included some jobs on the job board (scraping plates and returning dirty cups) for them to do simply “because they’re lovely”.  A home would grind to halt if some things weren’t done out of love and loveliness after all!

I am a bit new to this delegation of duties and would love to hear how you manage the process, train your troops and also what jobs work well and genuinely save your time.   Please comment below or follow @particleparenting on Facebook/Instagram.  Thank you 🙂

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