Bedtime Bags

I’ve been trying to think of ways to make them more “up for” and positive about bedtime…😂🤯🙄😤 Basically I want to remove/reduce the battle and delaying tactics used to avoid getting upstairs and doing all the logistical stuff – teeth, toilet, bath, etc. I want a carrot to dangle so I at least get a break from the general cajoling / idle threats of no stories / fictitious sightings of the big Father C doing a fly by on his sleigh 🙄.

That is basically the history behind this spin on show and tell, which has an element of secrecy that I am hoping will prove hard to resist for children.

If you’re interested, here’s how it went for us…

My husband has described the boys as “Level 10” this week.  That’s the highest level that they operate at.  It has been tough.  The children are tired, we are tired; there have been birthday celebrations, parents evenings, pyjama days at school….bedtimes have been tough.  My middlest has been crying that he isn’t on our honeymoon photos if that helps set the scene.  But I decided to press on with this anyway…

I first tried this on the Birthday on Monday – I knew getting them to leave the new toys would be tough so wanted a bit of something.  I would normally have had far more delaying tactics but they happily came upstairs  (happily perhaps because they thought they were getting one up on me – their bags were obviously bulging with more than three things.  I commented that we would probably only have time for three things each, no meltdowns yet….). Once upstairs they got ready quickly (I am speaking relatively!  Super nanny would still have had plenty to work on and I suspect their antics would still make it onto her show!😂😂😂).

It was a happy bedtime and it did me good to have something positive to focus on, rather than their poor personal hygiene and ability to destroy a room in three minutes 😂😭.  Everyone (including myself and OH) was asleep by 9pm – not bad after the crazy weekend and also given that it was post 8pm when we went upstairs).

The bags disappeared (literally) in birthday chaos for a while.  So I relied on my usual tactics mainly described above.  Less cajoling this week I’m afraid and I threw in some casual/passive aggressive references to parents’ evenings 🙄.  Its so tough sometimes when you’re tired too.

We enjoyed the bags again last night (don’t get me wrong, chaos still ruled, but they helped and I was grateful that they were there!).  The positive focus has definitely helped and got me thinking about other ideas that might help move bedtime along more smoothly.  The bedtime bags will certainly be back in our house – I might even be looking for some felt ones in the Christmas aisles.  If you try them in your house, I would love to hear about how it went either below or on instagram.  May speedy, happy bedtimes find you tonight!

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