Cuddles; my reminder to myself.

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Cuddle it out!

It can be so hard to find the time to cuddle up with a book / TV show with your little one(s). Especially if you want to wait until they’re bored and want to do something else before moving on.*

*I can’t remember where I read about how adults normally end interactions but it’s good to let children end them if possible; so that you know that they’re getting enough and also so that they feel in control sometimes. Sadly not always enough hours in the day but it really resonated with me.

Three years ago…

Here is how it worked for me when our eldest was coming up to 4 years old.

Saturday offered a pretty poor start to the weekend with moods and behaviour in our house.  We wanted to take the boys out in the buggy to a big play area for a picnic; we were loading their little bikes up on it as well so they could cycle along a nice off-road path when we got nearer.  They were really up for this trip out but could we move them along and do the sorting that needed doing first – sandwiches, Friday night’s dishes, basic hygiene, etc….(nope we couldn’t).

The whinging noise was awful and probably something that could only be achieved by two children under 4.  (Please don’t correct me on this.  I need to believe we are nearly out of the high octane whinging.

Update for self – you’re not. 😂).

What made it more upsetting was that they weren’t being kind to each other.  Anyway we got out a lot later than planned but we did at least have a lovely day.  But why the painful start?

Sunday morning came and things started to go the same way.  Luckily something made me think of what I  have read in the past* about how children very rarely get to end cuddles or chats as its the parents that normally go off to do jobs, etc.  The suggestion being that they might not get the reassurance and feeling of safety that they’re after.  Without thinking much more I picked numero uno up and told him that I thought he needed some cuddles and plonked us both down on the sofa.

I guess I was more relaxed into the weekend; basically I decided to sit there until he wanted to get on with his day (he is a very cuddly boy).  So we sat and watched television together for about an hour and a half, then he got up to play.  He seemed so refreshed, happy and content.  And so much kinder to his younger brother.


Sometimes it feels like you haven’t got the time.  And sometimes you simply haven’t.  We did actually get out of the house about two hours earlier on the Sunday as it turned out; the boys were happy and we could sort ourselves out for the day without sorting out the commotion every two minutes.

I guess I will never know the reason – sore throat, growth spurt, needing more sleep, anxiety about school. There have been many more occasions since too btw!

But I am sure that the cuddles helped all round. The improvement in behaviour and relationships was tangible. I just need to remind myself of this somehow as it is all too easy to get swept away with the stresses of the day.

*Divas and Dictators by Charlie Taylor; Siblings no Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

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