Bin bag kites; free fun!

Bin bag kites are SO much fun!  And its free fun – the best sort!

Decorate with ribbons and pretty stuff (but be careful not to weigh it down too much!).

Attach a shortish length of string to each side of the open end of the bin bag (long enough so the bin bag can open out and fill with wind).

Then attach a long piece of string (as long as you want to let it out!) to the middle of this string.

Wrap the long piece of string around something that can act as a reel.  Remember to tie it on before you wrap the string around, so that they can’t release it into the wild once they’ve let out all of the string.

Great fun and great for bonding.

Your kids will love flying bin bag kites!
Look how well the bin bag kite flew!

“What if people think we are silly?”

“Who cares.”

*Nobody thought we were silly, they flew really well. Will be doing again one windy day!  There is a lot of fun to be had with bin bag kites!

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The buzz when it caught a gust!
Bin Bag Kite Fun

I am hoping to grow this post into a collection.  Please let me know if you have any fun ideas that I can try and link to.  As it stands I will be looking here first!

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