This is perfect for anybody wanting a game that is easy to learn and fun. Plus no batteries are required and it helps boost numeracy!

There is a rummikub edition by Tomy; we got the rummy-o edition pictured from an independent toy shop.

It really is a brilliant games for ages five and above, although you may want ignore the rules for initial meld (which is a rule surrounding the number of points required for a player’s first move) until they get the hang of it.

The basic idea is that you get rid of your pieces either by placing the number tiles in runs or 3/4 of a kind.

It is the first game that I’ve posted about and I’m quite excited as the boys are now getting to an age when they can enjoy games (and I’m buzzing even more that this is full of numbers. Any familiarisation is great for them!).

If losing is an issue for your little ones, I really recommend a “great losing reward chart“. Comedy in action and it has really helped our two (who have a double competitive gene 😬🤦🏻‍♀️😜). Need to wheel it out again now I think of it…..

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