Dear Mummy

My kids love and hate this in equal measure. It’s has worked a treat a couple of times now though (which is a win in my book!).

Basically when they’ve wanted a late garden play in the garden, I have explained my reservations – which are essentially will they come inside when asked and leave the garden tidy.

After some reassurance from them (which is worth as much as….nothing. It is worth nothing) I have with an exaggerated reluctance agreed, on the understanding that I was going to write myself a letter when it was time to come in. This letter would describe what they were doing, so that I would know if a late play/trip into the garden was a good idea next time.

I seriously can’t believe how well this has worked! I have to give them a bit of time to get positive (they can go a bit wild when it’s time to go in). I also look for hard for positives at the start of the process (and narrate them out of the window – the neighbours must love me 😂😜). But it really works and is my go to method when I have the time and forethought.

I am just thinking about whether I could employ this method at bedtime….which seems like really hard work at the minute….if bedtime is hard work in your house to take a quick hop to my “Bedtime Bags” post for speedier, happy bedtimes.

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