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Message in a bottle!

It’s been an emotional half term (it’s day three 😂😜😭). I’m hoping that this mindful, self esteem boosting activity will be just that and lift moods as well as provide a bridge from busy school to a restful evening (this will be some feat after the KS1 disco!). Anyway…

I wrote seven lovely compliments down on different coloured bits of paper (go with what you’ve got, plain paper is fine, I just wanted a pretty picture!). I have done a separate bottle for both boys so made sure they both have same but different if that makes sense!

I have tried not to be overly goal orientated and talked more about qualities such as kindness, thoughtfulness, perseverance and hard work. I have also sprinkled in lots of love.

I turned the compliments into paper aeroplanes and put them into a dry old soap bottle.

I’m hoping that getting them out will be a peaceful rather than frustrated activity but wish I had put them all point facing out. I’ll have my tweezers ready 😂

I normally post once I’ve tried but I’m too excited about this one (read I’m a bit of a dork) so I will let you know how it goes in the comments 😀

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