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Treasure Hunt!

This fun fix can be just that – for fun – but you may also find it to be the perfect trick for breaking an unwanted behaviour cycle.ย  If your child keeps melting down or winding up their younger sibling when they come home from school, this could be just what you need to start to get them out of that habit.ย  Whilst behaviour patterns can develop quickly in children (and in us) they can also soon be forgotten with a little bit of redirection and planning ahead.

If you don’t need instructions but wouldn’t mind some more clues to speed things up, please check out the photos at the end of this article.ย ย 

Instructions for making your Treasure Hunt.

1. Decide on the locations for your clues and prizes and write them on the top or the back ofย the pieces of paper (this is where you will place your clues).

I try and pick locationsย that are either all upstairs or all downstairsย  (and share this with them) so that theyย are not charging up and down the stairs.

N.B.You also need one clue that says START (this is your first clue).

2.ย  Arrange them in a line and complete you clue chain (making sure the clues all joinย up).

Remember you are always writing a clue for the next location. So on START write a clue for the location on clue 2, etc.

3.ย  Hide each clue except for START!

Ideas for Running your Treasure Hunt.

Give your child the first clue almost as soon as they come out of school/after school club to get them excited!ย  If it is the first time that they’ve seen something like this then you may need to explain it to them (gush!); they will get swept along with your excitement.ย  I challenge anyone not to love a treasure hunt!

If they have a sibling it is the perfect chance to promote happy sibling relationships, you might want to emphasise that this is a team challenge and quite a tricky one!ย  If they work well as a team then gush some more!

PARENT HACK! If you put the prize with some toys that they are usually happy to play with, you might even find that they settle straight down into contented play ๐Ÿ™‚

Pictures of Treasure Hunts that have worked well (I have a 6.5 year old and near 5 year old). I will grow this list for you! We love Treasure Hunts. Christmas one coming soon!

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