Do you have an effective alter ego? #parenthack

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Send them a letter from the tooth fairy!

I have to admit that this one doesn’t quite sit right with me; it is a bit naughty and so might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Telling the truth is a bit of a biggie for me at the moment; I have just bought three story books to try and gently help my middle child see the light about telling the truth (so please don’t hate me for the deceit!*).

Whilst I am not proud of this “technique” as such, I have included it as a sanity saver.  Sometimes you just need to be one up.  You need to laugh.  A lot.

Anyway, I have been known to (semi regularly) masquerade as the tooth fairy.  Turns out she is a stickler for not biting your brother so she seemed better placed to send the letter than me.  She also has some magic dust that helps you poo.  She can literally step into most situations and sort them out.

It never ceases to amaze me what kids will believe (an Easter bunny?).  So, if you’re feeling a bit beaten up by the day, writing a passive aggressive and encouraging (or just encouraging) letter from the tooth fairy might make you feel a whole lot better.  And if they stop biting their brother it is surely a win win.

*Surely when they uncover that there is no tooth fairy, they will be old enough to get the whole white lie thing and understand the greater good?  If they even remember at all??  They’re the excuses I am sticking too anyway.

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