Banana Oaty Bars (refined sugar and dairy free)

So easy! So healthy!  New slightly naughtier recipe* at the end 😋🙈

These banana oaty bars just need 50% wet and 50% dry ingredients (I blitz about a quarter of my dry ingredients unless I am using ground almonds). The blitzed ingredients are crucial to making it stick together – they form the cement and your oats are the bricks if you will!

So this is what I did.

Peeled bananas and put them in my big Pyrex jug.

Weighed them (300grams)

Added Date Syrup (100 grams)

Blitzed them with my blending stick. Got to love a blending stick!

Added half a teaspoon of vanilla extract to calm those bananas down!

Combined wet ingredients with 300 grams of oats and 100 grams of ground almonds.

Baked for about 20/25 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius but depends so much on tin and depth of flapjacks /oaty bakes so keep and eye on them!

Such an unfussy recipe – just stick to the broad 50 wet : 50 dry ratio.

They freeze well and even taste delicious straight of the freezer.*

For extra smugness serve with one ingredient banana ice cream (you need to google and try this if you’ve not already!) and some refined sugar free sweet potato brownies and sweet potato chocolate ganache from the same recipe!  Feast your eyes on this dessert quad!

You will feel so good about yourself and your baking while creating with these delicious ingredients!

*Naughtier version…..

Wet – 350 grams bananas, 100 grams maple syrup, 100 grams apple sauce (I use apple baby food) and a teaspoon of vanilla extract

Dry – 450 grams oats and 100 grams of milled seeds.

I like to bake them quite thin and take them out just as they are starting to brown 🙂

*I say this about most things in the freezer 😂 Except maybe frozen chips 😂😂😂

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