Any other shy bloggers out there?

Is it just me or is anyone else scared of their real world finding their blog?  Scared of looking a bit stupid.  Just typing that makes me feel like I’m about six.

I need to take a leaf out of my eldest’s book; he is not phased at all about anyone reading his writing, seeing his pictures, listening to him speak.  Did we all start off like this?  I don’t remember being like him ever.  My earliest feelings are ones of being rubbish at show and tell, not wanting to take stuff in for the “blue table” and eating my lunch behind my lunch box lid (???).

But the part of me that says “sod it” has grown bigger.  Maybe it’s a growing older thing.  I want to blog because I enjoy writing.  I want to blog about parenting because it is what I am living.  I want to blog because I feel like reflecting on stuff makes me a more patient mum.  I want to blog because it saves my memories.  I want to blog because I don’t want to look back and wish I had.  And I want to blog like nobody is watching.

So if anyone I know reads this, I shout a big, confident “Hello!” (But please don’t say anything to me or to anybody else we know.  Thanks very muchly.)


  1. This is definitely one of the reasons I started blogging, to remember! Almost like an online diary for the world to see! Also to just share my experiences. I hate reading my own writing and I need to get over that really but having zero confidence doesn’t help, but sure it will get better in time x

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    • You write really well; honestly and insightfully. I got to 40 and thought there is no time better than now. Wish I’d thought that before. I always seem to wait for the perfect time to do things perfectly (well attempt to do it perfectly iykwim). Realised that once kids arrive that time doesn’t exist so you just have to grab snippets of time and go for it I think (whilst making sure you stay present and enjoy your kids while they’re little). A juggle but it’s good to do something for you! Good luck with it! I had a two plus year break from blogging and LOVED reading my old posts and the boys hooted with laughter at some of the stuff that they used to do! 😂😍 It really is like a diary Good luck and hope to “see” you around on here and instagram 😀


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