Turning Tables – I was wrong about the sofas!

Not long before Christmas I cleaned and moved our kids’ picnic table inside. The words to Julia Donaldson’s “Squash and a Squeeze” kept going around in my head but it turned out to be a good idea…. When I first had kids I thought it would all be about sofas. We were lucky enough to be getting a conservatory at the same time as the speedy arrival of number 2 and I snuck a sofa inside it. I replaced the indoor dining table with a (you’ve guessed it) sofa.

I can’t remember what I was thinking; I suspect I might have been picturing sitting down drinking warm (😂) tea whilst supervising lots of happy, contented play 😂😂😭. Turns out sofas aren’t the way forward with my kids. They don’t sit down much. Does anyone’s?? 😬And you sit down even less than them. My BFF is actually now the humble table.

Whole new playmobil worlds one day, a home to resident artists another. Homework spaces, offices, lego cities, playdough fun and tea parties. Crikey sometimes we even eat at it 🙄😳. And if you can squeeze in an extra table, the fun needn’t be packed up at teatime (or indeed if you eat on your laps 😂). As your child turns into a toddler I recommend squeezing in an extra one – a low coffee one, a fold down space saver – whichever works for you.

TBH mine are often cluttered blights on my landscape but I still reckon that they are the way forward.

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