COMING SOON!!!! Gorgeous Healthy Oaty Bars! You won’t believe they’re not shop bought*

“Such terrible things,

So different in looks.

You must stay away,

From this terrible cook.”**

Honestly they’re gorgeous AND healthy.  Don’t listen to him (my six year old son).  Even my four year old (of pearl barley risotto fame) loves them.  Although he did snort when the biggest one replied with this oh so witty little ditty, when I asked about snack time.

Easier than my chocolate sweet potato brownies, a filling, tasty treat that (most) children and all proper grown ups will appreciate!

The recipe is coming soon!  Just as soon as I find that bit of paper…

* in a good way!

** he says he made it up on the spot but I need to check what he has been reading at school!!

Photo by Mabel Amber on

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