Blogging is a State of Mind.

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It has to be.  Sometimes there are sparks everywhere and you have ideas shooting across your mind; sprinkling stars, fairy dust and the imaginary yet audible giggles and snorts of strangers.

Then the day ends.  You sit down, you make that cup of tea and put up your feet.  Turn on that laptop.  You’re ready.  There is nothing.

My theory is this; a few things in your head have to be aligned.  The emotion has to be intense or at least clear.  Happy or sad, amused or annoyed.  The brain has to feel it.  Or at the very least, feel a certain degree of mischief.

Secondly whether your post is inspired by the positive or otherwise there has to be a certain skip/bounce that makes you able to and want to communicate.  Basically verbal parts of the brain have to be lively – is there a vitamin for this??

All of the above – the emotions, the desire to communicate – somehow flow around your personality, that then pops out onto the page in your words.  There is a fluidity and clarity in your brain.  You feel what you write, even if nobody else does!  Emotion, communication and personality all together and flowing around.

What can I do to bring my Sunday sparks back?  I had SO many ideas on Sunday; I swear I could have had a month’s blog posts written already. If I could have only just sat down.

But all I can remember from Sunday’s pot of sizzling future blog posts is the phrase “bloggercise”.   I had decided I would blog all my thoughts walking home Tuesday; I can walk a nice off road route with the buggy back from toddler music.  I would blog while I exercised and they napped.  I’d done it before but this was planned; this was bloggercise.  “Bloggercise” was the tip of the iceberg.  Wtf.

Anyway Sunday went and Tuesday came; I had slept twice and been to work and the pot had somehow tipped over.

What did I eat on Sunday?  Did I rest well Saturday night?  What did I do?  What is the secret recipe?  Next time I will have a pen and paper ready….until next time I leave you.  And to those of you in the zone, I’m well jell.


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