The Best Version. Is school getting the best of your children?

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If you need to read and run, the idea here is…1) Ask them what makes them proud of themselves 2) make the opportunity for them to show / spend time doing said activity / skill.  So one for the weekend perhaps.  Feel free to read on obviously….

Anyone else missing the sunny sides of their children now the schools are back and in full swing??

It struck me this evening that the school is most likely getting to see the best of my children. That we at home are getting the overtired end of the deal.

I asked my eldest tonight (after feeling like I was moaning way too much at the poor shattered boy) if I saw his best version or if it was happening when he was at school.

“You what?”

Yay, I elicited a response (few and far between at the moment). Must be because he thinks I’m talking gibberish.

“When are you proudest of yourself?”

“When I’m writing stories.”


He spent the next 20 minutes writing me a story. He was obviously delighted to have been asked. Yes, he was delaying bedtime. But I didn’t care. I was seeing the best of him.

It’ll take two minutes to lay out some writing stuff on the table. But those two minutes will hopefully set a happier tone for our Saturday (that can become a hangover of emotions).

So this weekend I plan to try and give more opportunities for them to feel pride at home. Home is about letting off steam but I want to see more of their (many) best versions.


  1. I love this! I tell Katy I’m proud of her all the time but I’ve never thought to ask what makes her feel proud. Definitely going to do this. And I agree, school are getting the best of our kids. Bring on the holidays!! xx

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