Sharing Music with your Children. Take the chance to relax and unwind together.

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I am lucky enough to be able to take my nearly 18 month old to a weekly music class.  Today the delight on her face, as she danced away with a (rather strange) bendy knee action and toothless grin, took me back to taking the boys a couple of years ago.  It made me realise that I actually love sharing music with my children and should do it more often.  Even if my tastes are dubious…

I really remember the relief that music class brought.  Having two children less than 18 months apart was a shock, a very much wanted and appreciated shock, but a shock nonetheless.  The music class was my highlight of the week.  Apart from the social interaction, it was almost “me” time as the pair of them got swept away in the music and the attention was off me.  But more than that, the music and the rhythm relaxed us all.  Sharing music gave us a chance to unwind together.

This morning got me thinking about music.  I used to always be putting a CD on and dancing around but for some reason I no longer do it enough.  The planned particle for this week has therefore been bumped off for another week, because I feel the need to run with the music.  Anyone want to join me?  Tomorrow I am going to focus on bringing music into our day….only question now is Abba or Spice Girls (feel free to insert your own!)?  And into next week as well, lets finally get that classical music on while they do their drawing.  I feel like this could be the start of something…

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