Learning to love Losing; helping your child lose happily

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Helping your child lose happily can increase harmony in your house ten fold!  Learning to love losing means learning to enjoy pushing themselves.

My two boys seem to have a heightened sense of winning at the moment. I blame the World Cup (or maybe mine and my husband’s involvement in cheering England on to win….who knows…).

Whatever has caused it, after several public meltdowns, I’ve decided I really need to push losing.  That I need to teach them to love losing.  Or at least learn how to cope with losing.

After all, losing means you’re growing, it means you’re brave and developing. It means you’re taking a risk and pushing yourself.  It gives you the chance to be gracious, and to enjoy the happiness and successes of others.

Most of all it gives you chance to appreciate, consider and unwrap what really matters. Happiness, health, family and friends.

I was severely competitive until childbirth so wish me luck with this one!


I know you’ll have seen a reward chart before but honestly this one for gracious losing is SO worth trying!

It doesn’t have to be letter art and stars, it could be stickers on a sheet of paper.  However you do it, helping your child lose is so worth it!

Gracious losing wins a star. 20 stars = a family treat.

After starting this my two boys kept trying to rig up games and lose to get to 20 faster (all good practice I guess!) but the judge’s decision is final. Sort of.

Any other ideas on making gracious losers would be gratefully received. Target to beat: 34 years old.

Learning to Love Losing!
Losing Reward Chart; helping your child lose!

Update – I maybe getting this out again very soon, as they are getting more and more into competitive play. Click here for our current favourite board game!


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